MotorTrend India Got 52% New Clients Through Google Adwords

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mtAbout MotorTrend

MotorTrend is a division of Logix Microsystems Ltd, the world’s largest supplier of rich media interactive automotive animations and images. It is an American automobile magazine. It made its first appearance in September 1949 in Los Angeles, issued by Petersen Publishing Company. Logix Microsystems mainly specializes in creating online stores & websites for car dealers in the USA and in Europe.

Motor Trend Magazine, has been the world’s automotive authority. They cover more cars, trucks & SUVs than any other automobile magazine. They provide extensive automobile buying guide for the interested consumers. They have the industry’s most coveted awards: Car, Truck & Sport Utility “of the Year”.

MotorTrend’s Business Objectives

  • With a strong presence in the USA and Europe, MotorTrend also intended to enter the Indian automotive magazine industry and establish a strong presence in India. It wanted to see a significant growth in the Indian automotive magazine industry.
  • MotorTrend intended to generate good quality leads for the Indian auto dealers. It also intended to provide a very enriching and engaging experience to its online users by developing Interactive Car Animations. This was an initiative taken for the first time in India and hence, MotorTrend expected this move to bring about good results.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By MotorTrend

Based on its prior experience of digital online marketing in the USA, MotorTrend realized that advertising with the help of Google Adwords should do the needful in increasing visibility and traffic, thereby increasing revenue. However, they weren’t very sure of the amount of budget that needed to be allocated for doing the same in India. They decided to give it a start by running a few campaigns and see the response that they get from the same. They also decided to limit the budget to a minimum and first get a proper understanding of how fruitful this process will be. Initially, in the first two months, the Adwords were able to drive a good amount of traffic to MotorTrend, which also led to good number of conversions. But the only issue they faced was the Cost Per Click (CPC) rate, which they found was too high. MotorTrend then decided to think of a way in which this process could turn into a profitable one for them. They soon realized that one way of making profit is to get high quality conversions which can help to improve the ROI, thereby bringing down the CPC.

They took the help of various tools like ‘Google Analytics’, ‘Conversion Optimizer’, and ‘Keyword Tool’ which contributed significantly in achieving better ROI. These tools helped them analyze and understand the behaviour of the customers who reached the website on clicking an ad. Basis this behavioural pattern, they were able to modify and make relevant changes to the ads and the website, thereby improving the conversion rate and ROI. This data that was gathered, not only helped them with the Adwords campaign, but also for the third party banner and PPC ads.

What is Google Adwords and how does it help in creating successful campaigns:

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform which makes use of its performance based advertising algorithm to support various types of businesses to advertise on its platform and also use its partner websites to achieve additional benefits. A large number of businesses across the globe makes use of this platform to grow their business. They mainly use two models which are Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM). Google Adwords is a highly efficient and effective platform which is used by marketers to reach out to their potential target customers. It also supports in evaluating the revenue received on the investment made.

Results Achieved by MotorTrend

  • With the help of Google Adwords platform, an increase was seen in the conversions achieved. Within one year, the conversions went up by 2600%. It then again increased further by 158% with the help of ongoing efforts of online advertising through Google Adwords platform.
  • They also saw a decrease in the Cost per conversion rate. It was seen that the cost per conversion rate decreased by 15%.
  • Basis their evaluation of the performance of the campaigns, they found that 52% of their new clients were landing on their website on clicking on their AdWords ads.


It is very crucial for any marketer to evaluate and determine the main aim of creating and running any marketing campaign and basis the same determine the steps to be taken to achieve the same. It is always beneficial for any marketer to make use of the tools and also manpower resources which are provided as support by Google to optimize the results. One must also remember to regularly monitor the performance of the campaigns and take necessary action to be optimize the overall performance. Basis the data collected through monitoring, one must update the keywords list. The keywords showing high results should be retained and the ones lacking promise should be ceased. Instead of relying on just one campaign, one must ensure to create at least 2- 3 campaigns for the marketing activity so as to evaluate and put to use the ones giving the optimum output in terms of traffic and conversions.

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