Mountain Valley Center Used SEO Tricks To Gain 250% ROI

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case-(9)About Mountain Valley Center

Mountain Valley Center was started by Dr Jill Henry who was an Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta, USA. He created the website in 1998. Mountain Valley Center is a major seller of items and services related to healing, well-being and spirituality. They sell items like healing music, Feng Shui, singing bowls, fountains, healing crystals, gem stones etc. They also offer healing sessions and Chakra therapy services at their Center in North-western Carolina. They also have a large store at the Mountain Valley center in the Smoky Mountains of North Western Carolina.

Business Objectives of Mountain Valley Center

Their main business objective is to increase their flow of customers even during the winter months. They already have a steady flow of customers during the summer tourist season, but as winter approaches the tourist numbers decrease and so does their main customer base. In order to increase customers during the off-season they developed their website and created an online store. Their website did not have much web presence even after gaining a Google PageRank 1. Their total monthly sales were approximately $1000 which was way below their goals. They also worked with many SEO companies but did not achieve their targets. The main problem with their website was that the Search engines did not crawl their websites as frequently as they would have liked.

Strategy adopted by Mountain Valley Center

Mountain Valley Center hired a SEO company who performed a thorough SEO audit. They concluded that the main problem was with the services provided by the Website hosting company. The first step they took was to change the hosting company immediately. They also optimized the entire website with respect to off page and on page SEO techniques.

Results achieved by Mountain Valley Center

With their two step strategy consisting of the SEO tricks and switching website hosting company they achieved a gain of 250% ROI. Many of their keywords and phrases ranked #1 on Google and other search engines. Their highly ranked keywords and phrases in the first month itself were – baqua map, baqua mirrors, buffalo frame drums, chakra bear, chakra mala, Feng Shui fountains, Feng Shui statues etc. Whereas on yahoo their high ranking keywords and phrases included – baqua map, buffalo frame drums, Feng Shui hangers, fluorite massage wands, labyrinth charts, labyrinth gifts etc.


For a small seasonal business, SEO is the most important feature of its digital marketing strategy. Without proper optimization even a PageRank 1 website will not get a constant flow of customers. Off- page and on-page SEO tricks are important to increase traffic and conversion rate. The phenomenal increase in ROI is possible with optimized websites. A superior web hosting company can help increase visibility of the website and thus it should be chosen wisely.

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