MTV Leveraged LinkedIn For Its ‘Get A Job’ Campaign

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Linkedin get a jobLinkedIn is a professional networking site which allows its users to build connections in a professional set up. Users have to create their professional profile which can help them to broadcast the various roles and responsibilities they perform or have performed on a regular basis, their achievements and awards as well as endorsements and recommendations from their connections. Users can join groups to update their knowledge as well as follow companies to get the latest information. LinkedIn is also a great place to search for job opportunities. However this concept of finding jobs on social media is still new in India. People still prefer to send their Resume’s to job consultants and hope to get the company and profile of their choice. There are many users who have not created a LinkedIn profile and amongst those who have created a profile, many don’t login on a regular basis. Sometimes the profile is not even updated. As of January 2014 LinkedIn has more than 24 million users in India. Looking at the sheer size of the Indian population 1.32 billion and growing LinkedIn has plenty of opportunity to grow. According to the UN report, India has the world’s largest youth population in the world. Most of the youth in India are crazy about social media. LinkedIn leveraged on this excitement about Social Media and teamed up with MTV (a leading music entertainment channel in India) to launch #GetAJob Campaign. To make this offering more attractive to its users, they involved leading companies like Pepsico, Grey Group, Universal Music Group, L’Oréal, Intel, Rolling Stone, Tata Consultancy Services, Reliance Industries Limited, Flipkart and Mercedes – Benz.

LinkedIn MTV Get a Job is all about landing a dream summer job opportunity for its young users. According to LinkedIn MTV “they have 12 awesome summer jobs in India’s top companies up for grab. And they are looking for the ones who have it in them to make it to the top”. This internship is for 4 months duration.

Strategy For The Campaign:

  • They created a page Get A Job on MTV’s website
  • The 12 positions for which the opportunity was available was clearly listed.
  1. Management Trainee @
  2. Copy Writing Intern @ Grey Group
  3. Digital Media Intern @ Universal Music Group
  4. Platform Marketing Intern @ Pepsico
  5. Show Production Intern @ MTV
  6. Brand Marketing Intern @ Loreal
  7. Circuit Design Intern @ Intel
  8. Editorial Intern @ Rolling Stone
  9. Enterprise Game Design Intern @ Tata Consultancy Services
  10. Product Marketing Intern @ LinkedIn
  11. Social Media Interm @ Reliance Industries Limited
  12. Security Analyst Intern @ Mercedes – Benz
  • This opportunity was for Indian candidates above 18 years of age.
  • They also created a short video explaining the concept.
  • They created a hashtag #GetAJob

How To Apply For The Jobs:


  • Aspirants need to apply through their LinkedIn profile. (A short video was created by LinkedIn to help its young users in creating profile).
  • Aspirants have to send a short video highlighting as to why they are best suited for this job profile.
  • Next round will be Group Discussion and Skill Test for shortlisted 4-5 candidates.
  • 2 candidates amongst them will get interview opportunity.
  • 1 candidate will finally be selected.

Entire process was recorded by LinkedIn and uploaded on the website. The video shows how candidates were interviewed. These videos are an interesting watch for fresher’s. It gives an inside view of the questions asked, what recruiters look for in candidates and how someone lands up with a dream job. It also highlights what aspirants need to do to improve ourselves. Entire process of the campaign was carried out in a transparent manner. LinkedIn MTV have also published the names of selected candidates. They have also provided an updated link on the website about current job opportunities for interns in various companies on LinkedIn.

What LinkedIn Achieved Through This Campaign:

  • LinkedIn analysed its offerings and also the problems it encountered in the Indian market. It came up with an innovative solution in the form of #GetAJob campaign to increase its user base in India and expand its untapped market.
  • It managed to increase its penetration and popularity amongst the working professionals in India.
  • It was also successful to make the youth understand the importance of LinkedIn in highlighting their career graph.
  • LinkedIn managed to help the Indian Corporates understand the social media recruitment set up.
  • It created a platform of Job Opportunities for job seekers in a social media set up. This will force the Hiring managers to think seriously about this platform as a medium to attract right talent for their company.
  • This all will encourage users to have an updated profile and login regularly.


  • Although this campaign looks like a LinkedIn MTV campaign, the association with popular channel MTV is a mystery as other companies have also participated in this along with MTV. This campaign clearly benefits LinkedIn all the way.
  • Some more candidate shortlisting elements could have been added to increase word of mouth and social sharing on LinkedIn.

Overall it was a good and innovative campaign. It helped the concerned participating entities achieve their objectives.

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