MTV Roadies Got 2 Million Fans Through Facebook Page

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MTV Roadies journey started in 2003. MTV Roadies is among one of the most popular TV shows in India. MTV Roadies is brainchild of Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman. It’s a youth-based reality TV show. It’s quite popular among Indian youngsters as it caters what young India demands. Currently MTV Roadies is in its 12th season which is known as ‘MTV Hero Roadies X2’ and hosted by Bani J. However the first season of MTV Roadies was hosted by Cyrus Shukar and season 2 to season 11 was hosted by Ranvijay. The concept consists of bike, plot, travel, adventure, Immunity tasks, vote-outs and eventually money and fame. MTV Roadies is not just famous for its game plan but for its Audition style too. Raghu and Rajiv the domineering twins are well-known for their unique auditioning styles. The participators claim MTV Roadies to be their ultimate dream and why not being a MTV contestant is a no joke.

Objective of MTV Roadies:

As its youth-based reality TV show so obviously the targeted audience is “Youngistan”. Youngistan consists of 27.5 percent of India’s population and also the most active online consumers. Roadies managed to target Youngistan and thus executed effectual online strategy. MTV Roadies came on social media platforms that are Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Objective was clear to make MTV Roadies a trend on online forums and engage its audience in the brand. Engross attention of over 2 million fans on Facebook and other social media platforms. There are several cameras capturing Roadies and their movements on the show 24/7. But Roadies is just an hour show and its fans want more of Roadies. So the remaining content is shared online either on MTV Roadies official website or on social media. This move of Roadies team was super welcomed by MTV Roadies fan in the form of share, likes, comments, tweets and so on. Roadie’s team has smartly gripped its fan online by providing the content which is exclusively online. MTV Roadies team seriously wants online interaction with its fans. These might be in the form of increasing its web trafficking and thus over millions of visit to its official MTV Roadies website. Grow Sharing and viewing of Roadies videos online. Over one million views on Roadies channel on Youtube and be one of the top channels.

Strategy of MTV Roadies:

Their core strategy was interaction. MTV Roadies marketing team was sharp-witted hence they understood significance of social media in creating fan-base. Their every step involved interaction with the audience. They shared behind the scene videos, audition videos which couldn’t make to TV show, videos of previous season, uncensored video clips. Roadies is not just only about contestants but its a team effort, thus Ranvijay has a considerable amount of fans and even Raghu-Rajiv too. So this trio’s words were shared with fan in the form of live chat, Raghu’s block on website, Tweets, videos which included them. Initially Roadies didn’t have an official fan page on MTV Roadies on Facebook. But there were several pages started by Roadies fan on Facebook. It was in February 2011, MTV Roadies team along with Facebook agglomerated the Roadies page. The official fan-page had around 500,000 fans on day one. In the next 11 months, the numbers of fans were around 3.5millions. This page was created a month before season eight started on TV. Now, finally Roadies had an interactive platform for exclusive content like behind the scenes, photos and interviews with contestants. Usually there was something new stuff for the fan every day. On Youtube videos are uploaded even in Indian regional languages in order to gain maximum Indian viewership.


Results achieved by MTV Roadies:

The outstanding results were achieved specially on Facebook. MTV Roadies official fan page became the 6th most engaging pages on Facebook in the world and number one in India. It attracted over 2 million fan and also became 5th largest in India in terms of sheer volume. The page has over 1, 50,000 active users. Also post viewership is around 152,788,912. On its official Roadies website it witnessed over 10 million visits and 1 million page views. Initially Roadies weren’t such a hit on Youtube as it was on Facebook but slowly it became one of the top 5 channels viewed in India. There was an enormous upload view that is 1,567,195. Currently on Youtube they have 863,765 subscribers, also 178, 130, 22 views and still counting.


For any emerging youth brand it’s crucial to be vocal about its brand and frequently interact with its audience. There is little doubt that social media is right platform to grab the interest of young generation. It’s just not about doing what youth wants but also thinking like them. The conversation should go on even when brand is inactive. This helps build a relationship with the fans and this effort shows you more as a person than just a brand. Try to grasp their mindset. Keep on rewarding loyalists. Hire them as your online volunteers. Add more of visual stuff like photos and videos. Share uncensored videos and gossip which isn’t available on TV show, make social media platform exclusive. Frequently updating posts, status, tweets and don’t be monotonous on online activities. 24/7 online engagement indeed helps brand to be ahead in the race.

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