Mumzworld Leveraged Google Analytics & Got 300% On Ad Spend(ROAS)

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Most powerful bond in the world is that of the Mother and child. Nothing can replace it. No doubt Moms always understand what her child needs even when the infant cannot speak. She is the one who cares, protects, worries, cleans, and wipes you without asking for a thank you note. To make every mom’s life easier: Mumzworld was then founded to offer the exquisite and complete range of products for baby, child, and mothers.

About Mumzworld


Mumzworld is the Middle-East’s largest shopping site founded by Mona Ataya in 2011 It is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mumzworld offers 120,000 products from 600 global brands including Chicco, Dr. Brown, fisher price etc. She aims to tap the MENA’s region’s $5 billion annual online spends.

Mumzworld is an online market place offering products for mom, to be moms, from new born to age of 12. You can buy anything from diapers to strollers to nursing kits.

Mona Ataya is an entrepreneur for 15 years and also co-founded a job site with her brother in 2000. She is Lebanese by nationality and was born and bought up in Kuwait and lives in Dubai. She has three sons, eldest is 12-year old twins and younger son is 8 years old. Then with a thought that something was actually missing from the market. As a parent, Mona Ataya was not satisfied with the scattered baby products available in crowded malls and online stores.

As a matter of fact, Mumzworld wanted to give parents one stop solution to search, compare and buy It offers a wide range of global brands at one place from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Business Objective of Mumzworld

The business objective of Mumzworld was as follows:

  • Increase their Online sales and bring repeated buyers
  • Decrease the cost of conversion & user acquisition
  • Become more data-driven with its channel investments
  • Manage site-inventory system and decrease the out of stock product views

Approach Adopted by Mumzworld

Mumzworld was spending on many channels to engage customers and spend those dollars wisely to get full insight on ROI and product availability. The company had a lot of user data and therefore wanted to analyze the data to reach their business goals. In the meantime, they gave analytics work to a web analytics and digital marketing company named “Infotrust” which specializes in e-commerce integration.

1.) Implementation of Google Analytics Enhanced to get insights of channels driving more traffic

First and foremost Mumzworld and Infotrust implemented Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce. They set a custom metric to discover how many customers are viewing out of stock products and adding it to cart. Then the custom data allowed them to make quick decisions to restock the items. However making sure that top brands are always available on the website.

Furthermore, with the help of advanced e-commerce tracking. Mumzworld was using promotion tracking reports to measure offer related banners on website pages to drive more traffic and more orders. Afterward, they started a free shipping campaign for light weight products in their local area.

As a result, the customers from Qatar and Oman were dropping down the sales funnel because of the light weight products were sold more often as compared to heavy weight ones.

2.) Used to collect cost data from other non-google advertising platforms

Afterward, Infrotrust connected Mumzworld to other multiple non-Google channels by using From here on Connecting to other data sources allowed them to import cost data on Google Analytics easily. As a consequence calculating Return per click(RPC) and Return on ad spend(ROAS) for all the ad platforms became easier.

“InfoTrust cleaned up our Google Analytics
account and helped us better capture key
data in dashboards, so we could dissect the
information that helps us make our business
better. It showed us key KPIs to watch for
and created automated reports so we could
measure and react to these KPIs.”

Mona Ataya, CEO and Founder,
Mumzworld FZ-LLC

3.) Used Remarketing to engage the top users again across multiple channels

Infotrust built customized dashboards and reports for the data measured via Enhanced E-commerce and cost integration to show Mumzworld which top channels are earning the profit. Moreover, ROAS based optimization campaigns and keywords helped in maximizing its margins.

Therefore, the profit earned by Mumzworld led them to invest more on Google Remarketing and particularly into Remarketing lists of Search ads.

Search Ads used Enhanced E-commerce segments to target people who visited the various sections of the website but hadn’t converted. Furthermore, the company ran many social campaigns and reduced investment in a channel with low engagement.

4.) Used automation reports for out-of stock orders

Above all, the marketing team of Mumzworld created custom reports for stock on hand. Monitor the products which were out of stock due to sales spike so that team could adjust the campaigns to avoid money being wasted on out of stock products.


Results obtained by Mumzworld

  1. As a matter of fact, Marketing spend was improved with the new remarketing channels and campaigns. They achieved remarketing revenue by 128% in the first three months. All the Mumzworld marketing platform achieved and maintained a minimum of 300% ROAS.
  2. No doubt Mumzworld got 11% increase in e-commerce conversion rate, as the customers found were more relevant and available.
  3. 19% increase in total purchases in addition to 9% increase in total revenue from advertising channels in over three-months of period.
  4. Visibility of cost data channels also got better for all paid media channels using Google Analytics.
  5. Ultimately the time needed to restock the inventory of top brands was cut from 2 weeks to 48 hours.

The team at Mumzworld now uses analytics for making decisions at all levels.

“Finding the most profitable channels and
campaigns is so much easier with Google
Analytics features like Enhanced E-commerce,
Data Import, Custom Dashboards, and the
external data integration with
What took hours or days before, aggregating
data from multiple sources into a massive
spreadsheet now happens in the background
with no time for us. We spend that time
on analysis and optimization instead.
Mumzworld can make sure the right products
are always in stock so its consumers are more
likely to keep shopping now and are more
loyal in the future.”

Amin Shawki, Regional Managing Director,
MENA, InfoTrust

Learnings from Mumzworld

  • In the first place, Mumzworld provide the widest range of 120,000 products from 600 global leading brands
  • Ironically, Mumzworld work with retailers and manufacturers to give the best deals for the customers
  • In addition, Mumzworld provide free local delivery and easy returns is provided by them
  • It initiated a Mumz loyalty program which gives rewards every time a customer buy, review or refer and give discounts and member only benefits too
  • Further more, the supportive community is run named as Mumz for Mumz panel. It invites passionate moms to recommend and share their experience with other moms. It helps them to achieve our mission to empower women


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