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About the Company: is Bangalore-based online on-demand laundry service. The 2014 startup sends its delivery boys to pick up clothes, gets them washed and sends it back in a brief period of two days time. Its services are giving customers easy and convenient option to manage their laundry chores.Through MyWash app you can place an order on your phone or tablet, including pickup and drop-off time scheduling. A MyWash agent will arrive at the time you scheduled to pick up your laundry and dry cleaning, and within 48-72 hours your clothes are delivered in reusable non-plastic bags, washed and folded.

Business Objective: wanted a digital campaign to achieve ,

  1. Create awareness of On-demand Service Extended by
  2. Catch more eyeballs leading to more lead generation
  3. To expand their operation by adding more categories and cities

The objective for digital marketing was to align it with their overall business goals and their key performance indicator.Consideration while setting up objective was to have a measurable return on investment which along with financial would also include improved conversion rate,greater brand awareness ,increased website visit  and greater market share. objective was to look at the whole customer journey – ie how a customer will become aware of your brand, why they will then want to visit their website and finally how easily will they be able to make a purchase or register once on your site. This can be summarised simply as awareness, acquisition and conversion. Different online tactics will support different parts of this customer journey.

Strategy adopted by

Once having defined its business objective Mywash critically examined as to how they would digital marketing strategy to meet their goals.Their road map included;

  • a summary of their digital marketing mix – what channels will they use?
  • the reasons why they have chosen each channel and details of implementation
  • the customer segmentation that they will use and how each channel will be targeted
  • a summary of the metrics that will be used to measure performance for each channel
  • what key performance indicators will  be used to assess performance

MyWash through its personalised approach knew its customers well and strives hard to reach them through social uses the power of Facebook & Twitter to reach potential audience.It has developed their app which is slick and easy to use and promotes it on Facebook and Twitter. It has launched many campaigns on twitter and facebook giving exciting offers to their customers and inducing them to avail the offer by simply downloading the offers attractive discount to new users to attract more leads.

In spite of so many on demand app available these days and many even promising a guaranteed 48 hours delivery, seems to be pushing the limit by promising the delivery within 24 hrs of placing the order and good discount percentage. This strategy gives them an edge over the existing companies.

MyWash aptly used Email marketing strategy for building relationship and keeping customers updated with offers.This tactics has led to increased engagement.With Mywash tempting call to action and a link straight to checkout email newsletter of Mywash drove up the sales.

Retargeting ads used by Mywash helped it to build up a strong lead base.

With more and more mobile population in its target audience Mywash utilised the penetration of smart mobile in an adept manner.Mobile apps and SMS’s has proved to a boon to generate new as well as repeat customers.

Not only Mywash created a user friendly and dynamic web site but also it constantly changed it for bring about a feel fresh factor.New landing pages were hosted and/or existing pages were tweaked on regular basis and hosted.

WebAnalytics tools were used to help increase conversion.

For better customer engagement they Mywash used different customer engagement tools to streamline their customer service process .Proactive approach was initiated to facilitate conversation with people visiting their site.

Results achieved by

MyWash has kept a regular check mechanism in place for its digtal marketing campaigns and theres regular performance audit to gauge level of customer engagement,effectiveness of channel for conversion and overall impact of its campaign on the bottom line.Gap Analysis is taken up to identify which channel to prioritize,optimize and assess the capability of the entire system in place for the mentioned campaign.

Through its systematic and sustained digital marketing campaign Mywash could post

  1. Two fold jump in revenue .
  2. Traffic to the website increased by 3 times.
  3. The number of orders increased by 5 times.
  4. Three new investors lined up for picking up stake.


To comprehensively gauge and assess the effectiveness of its digital marketing campaign Mywash kept a audit and check mechanism in place.The reach through its campaign is to be regularly audited and the architecture and content its website was audited based on the practical learning from the field.Social media channels were better integrated into their main website based on learnings.Based on learning strong content formats were established that can bring the desired results. These formats included audio, applications, photos, text and video.Traffic flow vis a vis conversion audit check was also a key learning to Mywash digital campaign process.

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