NASSCOM Leveraged Social Media For PC Event & Got Over 209 Million User

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The presence of 3100 start-ups makes India the third largest base in the world and with 800 start-ups being set-up annually, no wonder NASSCOM chose social media to promote its event NASSCOM Product Conclave. National Association of software and services companies is a trade association of Indian Information Technology and Business Processing Outsourcing Industry. It is a NGO consisting of over 1500 members of which over 250 companies are from US, UK, EU, Japan and China. These companies are in the business of software development and provide related services like software products, IT-enabled/BPO services and also in e-commerce.Like a startup, the Conclave has gone through its share of developmental years. It has taken the painstaking task of building visibility and bring entrepreneurs together, lost few but gained many more key people, found its purpose to reach out to more people across India. Today, it continues to fuel the growth of the Indian IT industry, by bringing the country’s most ambitious and innovative people together under one roof.

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NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC) 2014 is a three day flagship event which was held from 29th October to 31st October. The objective was to get maximum participation and create a buzz around  the event. They had broken the event into 2 phases:- Pre-Event Phase and Live Phase.


Interactions with Keynote speakers was done in the first phase.Robert Schram of the Corum group gave insights about markets and startegies different companies were applying to escalate the stocks . the posts were linked to personalized blog post on NPC’s blog.

photo courtesy: Delhi School of Internal Marketing

photo courtesy: Delhi School of Internal Marketing

A tweet chat was arranged with Vijay Anand(Vp & MD, India Development Centre, Intuit). The participant who asked the best question was presented with a GOQII product.

image courtesy: Delhi School Of Internal Marketing

image courtesy: Delhi School Of Internal Marketing

The result was that within three days, almost 1500 speakers and over 5000 participants attended the event making NPC 2014 the largest interaction platforms for mentors, investors, entrepreneurs and think-tank

Live Phase

In the Live Phase, in order to attract everyone to participate (even those who missed the event), insights given by speakers were live tweeted.NPC Seed Summit Community gathers  leaders of major accelerators, incubators, angel groups, M&A executives and seed stage venture investors from across India. This is an exclusive event. NPC Design Summit Common provides a platform for UX designers, usability experts and product owners to network, participate in interactive workshops. NPC Growth Summit calls upon all tech entrepreneurs, product manager, marketers and startup CEOs to polish their “Growth Hacking” skills and the experts will share strategies, mindset and tactics required to evolve a normal marketer to high performing growth hacker. NPC Early Stage Summit administer sessions for blossoming entrepreneurs, early stage founders and start-up product teams on the complexities of structuring your business entity, protecting your intellectual property, raising initial capital, growing your product business & building market momentum for early stage products. NPC Innovative Devices Summit is on revolutionary mobile software, wearables, sensors and other smart devices  which are changing the way we communicate, access information, are entertained and offer services.

The person who used the hashtag #NPC2014 effectively on 30th and 31st was given a GOQii and shopping vouchers worth Rs. 5000. There was also a contest in which interesting pictures of the conclave  using the hashtag #NPC2014 were put up along with tagging @GOQii to the tweet. The person who posted the best picture was presented with a GOQii. People were encouraged to ask various questions in the summits held at NPC 2014 and the person asking the best question was awarded. Hashtags used for tweeting questions were:

1. For NPC Seed Summit  – #NPC2014 #Seed

2. For NPC Design Summit – #NPC2014 #Design

3. For NPC Growth Summit – #NPC2014 #Growth

4. For NPC Early Stage – #NPC2014 #Early

5.  For NPC Innovative Devices – #NPC2014 #Devices

Twitter_logo_blue ResultTwitter_logo_blue

The result was 13000 tweets were generated with almost 9000 interactions took place in twitter. These tweets reached over 209  Million users which led to trending of #NPC2014 on twitter.

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