National Fatherhood Initiative Used Inbound Marketing To Boost Up Its Organic Traffic By 40%

by | May 20, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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National Fatherhood Initiative is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization in the America. It had been founded in 1994 to reverse the Americans destructive trend towards the father absence. In the present day, almost about  24 million American children live in homes in which their biological or actual fathers do not live. On an average, these types of children usually face many risks to their physical, mental, economical and emotional well-being as they would be living with a father who was neither present for them nor was ever involved, responsible, or committed towards them. The major aim of the NFI is to improve the well-being of these type of children by increasing the ratio of the children with their involved, responsible, caring and committed fathers in their lives.


The main objectives and missions of the NFI were:

  • Educating all Americans, especially the fathers, through various public awareness campaigns, research, and several other resources available.
  • Equipping the fathers and developing leaders of national, state, and several local organizations with the resources, training, and technical assistance to all present.
  • Appealing all sections of the society through various strategic alliances and partnerships.


Initially, they were not having easy times in promoting themselves online but later they joined hands with the hubspot in order to their organic traffic.

  • To engage in a better way with their respective online community , the marketing team at the NFI turned to the new HubSpot’s Social Inbox concept. This tool not only allowed them to handle all of their social sections from one place at a time, but also allowed them to see how the interrelated social media is with either of their blog, website,  and email.
  • By using the Landing Pages and several other forms, they gathered the information about their customer’s interests. Next, they used the Lists tools to divide their main customer interests.
  • They also used the Blog as a powerful and effective tool to create an optimized, educational blog posts to reach their target audiences and teach them the impact and importance of responsible fatherhood.
  • The team further used various types of Workflows in order to enhance their engagement by creating “valuable relationships” with people by undoubtedly relaying on some of the additional opportunities for the involvement of the people based on their expressed interests.
  • They used COS (Content Optimization System) and dynamic content to transform their business.


By using several hubspot tools, they have achieved the following results:

  • Saved about 11% on their annual marketing expenditure.
  • Achieved 40% increase in organic traffic.
  • Increased their database growth with new constituents by about 5.3 times.
  • Hubsopt’s new COS has proved to be a real game changer for the organization.


  • A well planned inbound marketing strategy can take the business to a different level.
  • COS and dynamic content played a very big role, with whose help they can now reach their target customers in a more efficient and personalized way.
  • Hubspot proved to be a very robust and powerful tool for them in their business.


official website of NFI and google

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Very good work. Very good message. Still, the ‘Learning’ part is not impressive. It looks like the benefits of NFI.


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