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Net Neutrality: The Debate Goes On

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For all those who are still wondering as to what exactly is the concept of ‘Net Neutrality’ is, read the following lines:

‘Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.’ These lines have been clearly substantiated by and elaborates upon the fact that all internet users be charged equally without having any basis of distinction or special usage preference. net-neutrality

The sole motive of introducing the concept of Net Neutrality is with regards to the equal treatment for all internet traffic, without having being biased to any particular group of users.

Enlisted below are the core crux topics on which the endless debates pertaining to Net Neutrality are on:

  1. Bandwidth throttling
  2. Data Discrimination
  3. Deep packet inspection
  4. End-to-end principle
  5. Internet Protocol (IP)
  6. Net bias
  7. Net Neutrality law
  8. Search Neutrality
  9. Tiered Internet

On being asked the views about this current topic that has created a buzz amongst the people, here is what Digital Vidya’s CEO, Pradeep Chopra stated:

The current debate around Net Neutrality is a great thing to happen for the future of Internet in India. In my view, the way it was planned to be implemented by Telcos was completely biased to benefit them and selective businesses, which is completely against the basic principle of Net Neutrality. While we are still to get clarity on the final outcome and way forward, I am really glad that netizens in India have whole hearted participated and I am quite positive about the final outcome considering the interim actions & decisions already being taken by certain players such as Flipkart, Cleartrip. We need to continue fighting for such causes including the recent victory related to Freedom of Speech on Internet through scrapping of Sec 66A by Supreme Court.

Digital Vidya’s Co-founder Kapil Nakra expressed his views on the concept of Net Neutrality.

Besides, these two eminent influentials, Mahesh Murthy, a renowned Venture Capitalists and Marketing Consultant also expressed his views on the current topic -Net Neutrality:

Dear TRAI, I am writing to express my concern against the actions that telecom carriers are taking to restrict fair access to the internet (Net Neutrality). I believe the internet is a vital resource – it helps me communicate, work, and thrive as a citizen. If telecom operators can discriminate internet traffic on the basis of which services pay the most, we are allowing telcos control over a vital and necessary technological resource. By doing so we allow them to define what information we can view; what entertainment we can access; and how companies can innovate.

This is completely unfair and harms India’s long term role in the global market. I strongly believe the growth of telecoms and the well-being of the internet can go hand-in-hand. I’m asking for a framework to ensure long term and fair access for all services regardless of size. I want my generation and those that come after me to have unfettered access to the Internet, with no telcos or ISPs having the ability to charge for specific services I use on top of it. Please understand that the internet is an important resource and vital to me and to every other Indian citizen. I would like to see it kept free and protected under Net Neutrality to ensure fair and equal access for all and forever. Regards, {Your Name}

Three, if you do have access to Ravi Shankar Prasad, the telecom minister – or anybody else in the ruling party – tell them that you believe strongly in net neutrality and that you expect the government to take a strong stand on it.

Yet another profound name who has raised his voice in the same context is Nikhil Pahwa, Editor and Publisher, Medianama. He has outrightly stated that ‘Free Access Should Never Be Curtailed’. Here is what he quoted in one of the interviews: ‘witch to a data business model. That’s what telcos in Europe have done, and others in South Korea too. They need to improve and monetize data access better. For them, both voice and data revenues are growing, so I don’t see a problem. Neither does Airtel CEO:

The endless debate over this heated topic has grabbed the attention of many. Are you too amongst them and wish to express your opinion about this issue? Do share your view points in the comments section below and raise your voice be it in for or against this concept!

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