New Breed Marketing Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Conversion Rate By 100%

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logo-new-breed-marketing1 (2)About New Breed Marketing:

New Breed Marketing is a leading sales and marketing company, who builds the business growth by transforming their strategies into marketing and sales process. Company has an advantage of highly skilled people who are  inbound marketers, content writers and sales personnel. With the force of such highly skilled people, company promises its customers a good business return. Company is specialized in services like Streamlined Branding, Digital On boarding, Website redesign, Inbound Marketing, Online visibility, Sales Enablement, Lead Management and Digital Support. With such kind of services it has the top technology partners which are, WordPress, PR web, Hub spot, Google, blue host and Lunar pages. New Breed has also won many awards which shows the efficiency and potential of the company.

Business Objectives Of New Breed Marketing:

The main business objective of the company was to continue their own and their client’s growth and success. Initially, New Breed Marketing was a typical marketing agency, which was specialized in traditional branding and website making.  The projects they were dealing in was 3D graphics, video shoots and radio production. This kind of work was totally on project basis. This project work  was causing  problems to company internally and externally. The company was unable to forecast as well as unable to measure the ROI in long term investment. Thus, company realized to push their growth, and for that they need to work with the new technologies and tools. And this is how they opted for an Inbound marketing strategy.

Strategies Adopted By New Breed Marketing:

As it was a sales and marketing company, their prime focus was to develop and grow business of its own and its client. But somewhere they were lagging behind, and reason behind this lag was doing marketing in a traditional way. Following are the strategies adopted by New Breed Marketing:

  1. To build and maintain their clients, company started using ” client online marketing tool “, which was used to constantly exchange information at one place.
  2. The second tool which company adopted was the important one. They released Content Optimized System (COS), which allowed them and their client to the next level of marketing. This one tool was embedded with useful tools, such as blog, landing pages, Email and social media.
  3. They made their website a sales ready website. A sales ready website means a site which not only looks attractive, but was also maintaining  data base of the viewers. Every time a viewer arrives it changes itself according to the preference of the viewer, to give them a great experience.
  4. A tool of COS named Smart content also applied by the company, this feature was used to deliver dynamic content to the leads. With this feature the website not only changes based on the interest of the viewer, but it also adapts to whatever desktop, tablet or a mobile device customers are using, must feel easy to navigate.

Results Achieved By New Breed Marketing:

With the help of new marketing strategy, New Breed achieved their results by the launch of their new website, it helped them to increase their leads by 20% and made their conversion rate up to 100%. Following are the results achieved by New Breed Marketing:

  1. With the help of new marketing strategy, company made a great impact on their clients. They now had the  tool to execute full – funnel marketing strategy, that can drive and nurture leads.
  2. Now the company can track and measure the ROI of  given campaign.
  3. With the new tools, company can now build such websites which are sales ready, which means website can now manage the visitor on their own, and changes according to the preference of the visitor.
  4.  With the help of all such tools, company increased its conversion rate to 100%.


Although company was doing good business but when they realized, to grow their business they need to adapt the new technology. With the implementation of Inbound marketing strategy and its tools, company not only make their website a smarter one, but also they put a great impact on their clients.


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  1. Dipty Bisen

    Nice content and Nice strategy used by the company specially a sales ready website which can boost up the UI experience.

  2. Rahul Singh

    Thank you Dipty.


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