New Britannia Bourbon Was Launched As A Smartphone

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Britannia Bourbon is a 60 years old brand of premium chocolate biscuit brand in India.

Ali Harris, marketing director – Britannia Industries, said, “We brought the first premium chocolate biscuit experience  to India 60 years ago with the Britannia Bourbon. Even today Britannia Bourbon is a favorite of chocolate biscuit experience seeking Indian consumers.

So on the 60th birthday of Britannia’s Bourbon, they relaunched it with the “thoda aur” campaign.

Thoda aur Chocolaty, Thoda aur Crunchy, Thoda aur Tasty

How they did it?

New Britannia Bourbon Was Launched As A Smartphone..

“With the brand having a fresh advertisement and new packaging, Britannia wanted to have a refreshing digital leg so that people talk about Britannia Bourbon on social media.” added Sandip Maiti, Founder and CEO, Experience Commerce. “We came up with the idea that we are going to talk about it as if it is a smartphone since it is the most important thing in a young persons life. Even if we have a new phone we are always dreaming about the next new phone.”

On digital, the brand launched a website ( which worked as a teaser for the launch of the new biscuit. Users were made to ‘Unbox the Bon6’, making some users believe that the website was unveiling a new mobile phone. Features such as ‘Super Surround Sound’, ‘Chocolaty Version 2.0’ and ‘Auto Charge Unlimited’ were mentioned. Experience Commerce handled the digital leg of the campaign.

Unbox the #Bon6 

Campaigns like Unboxing the Bon6, #BontheOriginal created a curiosity for the youth & were successful on Social Media. #BonTheOriginal went online with a microsite inviting fans to be part of the irresistible bon 6 – Unboxing #bontheoriginal on Feb 6, 2014. Popular MTV VJ Bani J and Indian actress Kriti Kharbanda who is quite popular down south were roped in to boost the campaign.

Do you Deserve the Bon6

Seriously, the new Britannia Bourbon Marketing team did the whole campaign by including sub-campaigns and contests. “tell us why do you Deserve the #Bon6” was a key to engagement in the whole campaign, in which they asked their audience to tweet to unbox the #Bon6 and also the another sub-campaign “tag your friends who you think deserve a Bon 6” and this also got a very nice engagement on their posts.

Team Britannia Bourbon made it so interactive that they were replying their audience by comments & tweets, this created a sense of worth sharing & commenting and this also bought more engagement on Social Media.

Screenshot showing engagement & interaction of Bourbon’s Official Facebook post’s comments, but background has been edited.

The New Britannia Bourbon Reaction Contest

Contests brings more engagement & that’s what they did beautifully by the most interesting Contest, where people posted their Reactions after eating Britannia Bourbon and got a chance to win iPhone 6. The contest got so successful & got a lot of engagement on twitter and Facebook.

Not only this, they actually announced the Contest winner &  also the Bourbon marketing team beautifully handled the critics for biased judgement. They justified their judgement by replying to each critic. So this is one of the most important key to success on Social Media, that you have to be interactive and you cannot ignore your audience. If you do it, your campaign can make negative image on your brand.

Finally the wait was over & Bon6 was ready to get UnboXed on 6th Feb’15… People made lot of guesses about Bon6, some guessed it’s gonna be a new smartphone, some said a tablet… but nobody expected it’s gonna be a New Britannia Bourbon, more Chocolaty & More Tasty, unboXed by Bani & Kriti. People were shocked but also excited to get the new Bon6 and they also received the new Bourbon as a Surprised gift shipped at their home address. This was the best Public Relationship campaign on Social Media Marketing I have ever seen. People got surprised by getting the gift from Bourbon and they Thanked them on their official campaign pages on twitter & Facebook. So we can see that keeping promises & building trust among your audience also get engagement on Social Media  😉

Why they did it?

Britannia, the leading player in cookies with an estimated market share of 30 percent, was the pioneer in the chocolate biscuit segment. Having a Britannia Bourbon in my childhood days was a luxury, but does the young generation connect with the biscuit anymore. Over the time the market has been flooded with quite a few premium chocolate biscuit brands while Britannia Bourbon lost its charm. The challenge for the brand was to bring back the lost charm and connect with today’s youth in their language – the millennial way, Says Ali.

So, to connect the youth with bourbon & to reclaim its market share, Britannia Bourbon needed something unique to attract the target customers and building its brand with a different concept and they did it successfully. They got engagement, brand building. fan falling & great attraction and support from their audience.

After this, they started another Contest #ThodaAurLove as a Valentine’s Day Campaign, and got successful engagement in that too.

Thoda aur Craze for Cricket… the new Cricket campaign during IPL…

The new “Thoda aur” ad. 

Thoda aur is always welcome..

Image Credits: Britannia

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