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“New” News Feed impact on your Marketing strategies!

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Last week some serious changes were introduced from Facebook, which is believed to create a great impact on inbound marketing world. In this week’s round up, we will give you some juicy details on what you need to know about this big news from social media behemoths that we all know and love. Read on to learn, what do you need to mold your marketing techniques!


A few days back, Facebook had introduced a new change in their page, which simply makes the News Feed look cleaner, more visual along with more filtering controls. What’s more! The sizes of the photos and videos have also been enlarged that makes the quality of the visual media look more important than ever before. This news has certainly created a huge impact on the magazine and other publishers that are linked with deep photo resources and also for publishers that rely on creative commons or stock imagery.


Along with larger photos and videos, Facebook has also introduced various “sub feeds” that will give the users a full control over the kind of updates that appear in their streams. Additionally, users can now also opt to view updates from all or just some of their close friends. These updates include photo and music updates, updates from pages and public figures that they follow, group and also game app updates. In fact, they can also now view updates in reverse chronological order.

Although, these changes can create a negative impact on the publisher’s page, especially if users opt to spend most of their time in viewing updates from their close friends, but Facebook insists that this change could also prove to be a boom as now users can switch over to the “Following” feed in order to get updates from outside their friend circle precisely when they want them to. In addition to these changes, now the look of the News Feed is also far more consistent across desktops, smart phones and tablets.


If we talk about the optimization strategies, now publishers can make some changes to their content, which can help them to take advantages of these coming changes in full spree. Some of these changes include:

  • Investing in high quality and high resolution images – Since photographs now make nearly 50% of the news feed stories, high quality imagery is more necessary.
  • Posting more about some trending topics – News stories about a single topic will be highlighted in thumbnail-rich carousels in the news feed.



  • Improving cover photo – Until now cover photo did not involve more concern as it was never showed on the news feed. However, with the latest changes, this is about to change and hence it will become necessary to concentrate more on the cover photo.


  • Sharing different types of media – Now if the publishers would prefer to have a presence in the user’s sub feeds – namely their photo and music feeds — consider sharing more photos, and linking a company Spotify or Rdio account to Facebook.


Reaction of industry leaders to this new change

The Financial Times:

Changes in the new ‘News Feed’ will appeal to advertisers that have been looking for more ways in order to capture the emotional impact of visual advertising on the social network particularly in mobile devices.

The Register:

Having specific feeds is a good idea, but it remains to be seen how much people will use them. We can expect to see a lot more companies asking you to ‘like’ them so that they can get on your feeds.


Ads weren’t discussed at all [at the press conference] which is where most of the clutter is. It will be interesting to see how advertisements evolve with this new design, and if we’ll see more of them.”

Search Engine Watch:

More screen real estate and more dynamic ads could spell immediate benefits for advertisers… A developer of social games may now have the ability to just advertise on the Games feed as opposed to the general News Feed. And multiple news feeds means the potential to serve more ads.


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