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How Niche Influencers on Twitter are Changing the Face of Social Media

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Okay, let’s start with shopping. Yes, girls! Shopping!

Diwali party in a month? What are you wearing? No, not decided yet! Ok! And make-up look? Arggghhh.

Now imagine, you have an angel friend! Yay!

She will try on all the latest collection for you, tell you which one suits you the best, and what shades to wear on on your face that night.

How does it feel? Awesome!

But where do you find this fairy? Twitter? Seriously?

Yes, she explores and then shares. She writes fashion blogs for you – tells you what’s in vogue and what’s not. She reviews a sizeable range of beauty products – finds out the best for your skin, and when need be, she teaches you HERSELF! She uploads images, tweets videos and more so than anything else, she talks to you.

She is your friend and a friend to thousands more. You listen to her and so does those thousands. She influences you. Right. She is an influencer! isn’t she?


2And when SHE helps you market your product, you call it influencer marketing.

So technically, you encourage a niche set of influencers to talk about your product. You get their audience and they get your compensation.


Now, who do you think can be an influencer?

Anyone with a captivated audience, anyone with a substantial network of people who follow and engage with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is an influencer. The level of engagement is the qualifier here, not the number of followers but of course, more so more good. These influencers become your content marketing associates, they produce high-quality content for your products and post it on their own social media accounts becoming your social media marketing partners too.

Why Influencers?

The idea is to not look and feel like advertising in the hope that consumers won’t skip. – The Wall Street Journal

Heard of Ad Blockers?

According to a survey done by PageFair, “India has 122 million active users of ad blockers – the second highest after China (159 million).” So now,  imagine how tough grabbing relevant attention can be!

Brands are exploring new schemes to break through to audiences aggressively. Influencers are one of those.

Banner ads, pop-ups, and all the display advertising for that matter is way too annoying for users. They want to ignore this pushy, nerdy marketing. But the same users are likely to read about brands and their products through content. Content is informative and interesting. It adds value. And if the content is from the people they know, it is so persuasive. After all, word-of-mouth has its own power.

The line between advertising and content is blurring, in the hopes of passing through the filter of what consumers actually like. Brands need content producers more than media buyers now. 


So, here is the answer to our WHY. Influencers produce quality content for the brands and post them on their own websites, Twitter-Facebook-Instagram-Pinterest-Snapchat accounts building a kind of aura for the brand and directly reaching the relevant niche of audiences. Also, did you know? The more people mention your brand on social media, the more popular and relevant you will be on Google Search.

Google Algorithm takes into consideration how often a link has been tweeted or retweeted, as well as the authority of the Twitter users that shared the link.

How to find Influencers?

Well, to find the most relevant influencers, see what you need to do:

Observe your Social Media Mentions

Find out the influencer who is talking good about you or about the product you sell in general. If he fulfills the criteria we discussed above, tap him!

For example, someone may post and tweet heavily about a BB cream but not mention your website as an awesome place to buy that. Well, this is someone you want to engage with and expose your brand to.

For monitoring social sentiments, you have tools like Social Mention, Konnect Insights, Hootsuite etc. Try out!

Monitor Relevant Hashtags

Identify suitable hashtags that your target influencers use. Scan all the conversations happening around those hashtags and also, who are the active participants.

You can do this manually but using tools is an easy option. You can use tools like Followerwonk, Hootsuite, Twitonomy,  RiteTag etc.

Track Suitable Blogs

Search for blogs in your niche. Once you have your blog and the blogger, locate their SEO stats and social media information to pinpoint the ones most popular and engaging.

Wondering how to find all the relevant blogs! Don’t worry, you have blogger outreach tools like GroupHigh and Buzz Stream.


In case, you are not willing to put in all this effort. You have influencer marketing agencies like TapInfluence, Buzz Marketing Group, Social Rank etc helping organizations gain influence with the right industry leaders.

So, looks like we are all sorted.

Fun time now!!! Sharing some of my dearest bloggers with you. “Happy connecting!”

Akanksha Redhu

She is my all-time favorite. A fashion lifestyle blogger. And this is what she has to suggest for the festive season ahead.

There are more Indian Fashion Bloggers you should follow for style tips:

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  4. Gia Kashyap @Giasaysthat,
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  11. Style Drive by Aayush Bangur (@AayushiBangur).

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