Nissan Motor Company Leverage Web Analytics To Capture Different Market Operations

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Case Studies, Web Analytics

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About Nissan Motor Company

Nissan Motors Company, The Japanese company, incorporated in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1933.  It is a dominant player in manufacturing vehicles across 20 countries of the world. It’s business outline gets more diversified in manufacturing, sales and related business of automotive products and marine equipments. The company’s scale of operations are scattered in 160 countries with net income of 389 Billion yen as per March 31, 2014 financials.

Nissan’s Objectives

In the run to remain market leader in industry, Nissan set some goals keeping the check on growing digital medium. The Nissan being non e-commerce company trying hard to find out a solution which can track the customer preferences (cars types, color, model etc) for vehicles from the different part of world. Secondly, they also want to transform the inquiry made on website into the information which can help in taking informed decisions in terms of better allocation of inventory in local markets.

Nissan’s Approach To Achieve Objectives

imagesThe magical people who had the ability to foresee future (called clairvoyant) used Web Analytics as their medium to capture insights of consumer via arrow named ” Google Analytics” tool. The visitor visiting the website for test drive was asked to give his personal details along with his or her preferences for cars (model, color, car type etc, engine capacity etc.). The team placed a e-commerce tag “Thank you” on completion of the form. Google Analytics flexible profile setting and custom reporting have real time impact in mining relevant information .

Also, Nissan hired the expertise and guidance of Google Analytics Certified Partner, Ayudante,  in optimizing the usage of visitor’s information database which lately used in predictive analysis and statistical modelling to give skill full insight to drive customer demand and competitive revenues, later into profits.

Results Achieved By Nissan

The result come out in the form of ‘Win-win’ situation for all in following ways :-  

All Happy

  •  Google Analytics custom reporting help to transform complex data into meaningful business reports
  • Reports can be accessed timely therefore right decisions were taken in terms to allocation of inventory into local markets
  • Global Strategic teams able to decentralize the data. Any country head can view the strengths and weakness of their products in their local markets
  • User of the website have seamless experience and can use it at their ease


Leveraging on “Web Analytics” as a strategy for even a non e-commerce company can have real time impact on the bottom line of the company (Net Profit) . Google Analytics tool, dominant tool within Analytics space, has also played important role in making the professional life easier with its custom reporting.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    As a reader, I would honestly appreciate Karun’s efforts. Content is okay, except the ‘results’ section. I read all the points but could not understand how they satisfy the win-win situation. Not yet clear.

  2. Karun Takkar

    Thanks for the appreciation Dr. Goswami… By “Win-win” situation phrase, I meant that all the stakeholder of the website reaped the benefits of Nissan’s Aprroach. For example :- Advanced Data reporting for senior executive helped decentralisation of reports to country-level heads as they can use the data across, customer using the website also experiencing better website etc.


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