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Nokia Used Social Media Marketing Campaign To Increase Its Reach To 9252 Unique Participants

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Nokia croppedEngaging your customers at every stage of a marketing campaign is very important for an organization. There are so many competitors waiting to snatch away the moment and gather all the attention. People would not like to continue with a particular firm, if they are not given proper attention and if their needs are not fulfilled.

Nokia seized this moment at the right time to elevate their fan base and to keep the customers associated to the brand.

About Nokia

Nokia is a Finland based company. They are pioneers in the field of communication. Nokia has its presence in various industries like rubber, cable, forestry, electronics etc. Their venture into the field of telecommunication took place in 1960. Since then, Nokia has grabbed their unique space as a market leader. Their continuous effort to outperform others in innovation and technology has helped them to attract customers like a magnet.

The technology changes every day. It becomes an organization’s core motive to keep them technologically updated, so that they can hold on to their market share, but people believe what they see. It is very important to formulate strategies to advertise the product or service as well. Managing them efficiently will only build their customer base.

Marketing and advertising departments strive to advertise their brand and thereby increase its popularity. It is not an easy sail. Tremendous changes have happened over a period of time in the field of marketing which makes organizations to mandatorily implement strategies at par with others and stand out in the crowd.

Nokia too made a smart move and utilized their social media presence to increase their reach.

Nokia’s Business Objective

The invasion of social media marketing has changed the whole perspective of advertising. The traditional methods like face to face marketing, using other mediums to advertise, are less affective these days. Social media marketing provides an amazing opportunity to connect instantaneously with the customers.

People do not have time to visit showrooms that often. Time and distance acts as a major constraint. As far as social networking sites are concerned, they give a platform where the product can be advertised and at the same time keep the customers engaged.

Any kind of interaction is made possible and that also instantaneously.

Nokia recently launched an online campaign to identify ‘Brand Ambassadors’. Brand Ambassadors are the people, who would be representing a brand by way of using and speaking positive about the product or service. Usually, companies identify various positive conversations about the brand on an online media and tap them gradually. But in this unique move, Nokia organized an online campaign to find brand ambassadors by conducting an online contest.

The following were the objectives of the campaign:

  1. To increase the brand reach.
  2. To improve Nokia’s overall online presence.

In order to achieve these objectives, Nokia used Facebook as a platform which gave enormous boost to the campaign; thereby, succeeding in their motive.

Strategies Used by Nokia

Nokia used ShortStack in order to start with the campaign. ShortStack is a campaign building tool which helps to understand the visitor and provides an opportunity to engage your customer. It can be used on any social networking site like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc and it is very easy to use.

Below are the strategies implemented by Nokia in their online campaign.

  1. Identifying three brand ambassadors was the prime motive. Usually, organizations use passive approach to identify their brand ambassadors. But here Nokia chose to campaign in order to select suitable brand ambassadors.

      2. The visitors could choose one of the celebrities, out of five, to play with. This allowed the customers to choose  from various options thereby making it interesting.

  1. Visitors were asked a simple question ‘What are you willing to do to be an Ambassador?’ People were given the flexibility to respond to this question in the form of an image, video or just a simple comment. People have different ways to express their opinions. The campaign gave them their freedom of expression which was well appreciated.
  1. The visitors could share their responses on Facebook or Twitter. This was the most exciting part for a visitor as it gave them a platform to express themselves. What they feel about the brand? Why are they attracted towards Nokia? Why do they consider themselves suitable for being the brand ambassador of Nokia? These were the questions that got clarified because of this online campaign.
  1. The campaign was live for 12 days. The responses, engagement of people and the publicity were beyond imagination.

Results Achieved by Nokia

The online campaign to identify Brand Ambassadors turned out to be a hit campaign. Nokia could tap more customers and thereby their online presence also improved. The following were the results achieved by Nokia:

  • The promotional images were liked by many. This resulted in increased sharing. There were around 5550 shares and that’s a huge number.
  • Comments were flowing on the Facebook page. Nokia, on their part, proved capable to respond to the queries promptly. The number of comments reached 5493.
  • Highly appreciated and Increased customer participation. An organization’s success depends on their ability to involve their customers for development. This online campaign allowed Nokia to connect to its customers, earn their appreciation and extract valuable suggestions further development. This approach provided a sense of belonging to the customers. The number of likes on posts touched 61,781.
  • Nokia witnessed an amazing growth in their fan base. This is a huge achievement for a brand. Number of fans touched 68,469. This was because of prompt responses from Nokia. Continuous engagement with the customers helped the organization to bond with their valuable customers. This automatically resulted in increased online discussion about the brand.
  • Increased App views. With the help of social media strategy and usage of Facebook as a platform to connect to its people, Nokia increased its app viewership rate.
  • Unique Participants. The number of participants touched 9,252, making the whole campaign successful.


Nokia’s success as an organization to improve their fan base and to reach out to thousands of people is really appreciable. The application of social media marketing strategy with proper planning helped Nokia to achieve this success. A simple strategy to identify their brand ambassadors using Facebook as a medium was a smart move. The presence of an organization on a social networking site and their ability to keep their visitors engaged gave a definite boost to its reach.

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