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Now Buy Clothes Through Snapchat’s Shopping App ‘Spring’

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What if using social media channels beyond communication? Ever thought about it, well it seems fascinating but now it’s no more fascination at least for Snapchats users. Snapchat has given its user an additional privilege of shopping. Well start-ups are getting bold enough to practice new Tends in e-commerce. They are here to explore various channels of e-commerce.

Snapchat got this idea to start a new venture is from an app called spring which launched last year for iOS and android. Spring’s parent company Jello Labs already raised $25 million in April, but it has the option to raise another $5.7 million in this round — which is where Snapchat might come in. Spring is an app resembling Instagram. This app allows user to buy clothes currently it has only two options menswear and women’s wear.

It’s not the first time that Snapchat is experimenting in e-commerce. Snapcash is another such stream where Snapchat has partnered with Square to create Snapcash. Snapcash is unique in its format as it allows it user to pay one another. Snapchat CEO is isn’t afraid in experimenting with new business ventures and being innovative. Snapchat is in the process of expanding its business and engaging new consumers to its brand. It would be a new trend if people could buy clothes while communicating so such apps won’t be just about videos, chats or pictures it would be a shopping place.

It would be a revolutionary step in developing such app. Snapchat collaboration with spring could prove a great online shopping experience. Internet has become an easy platform to practice innovation. Mostly being innovative on social media can be risky but its worth a try. During initial days of internet we never considered online shopping could be an achievable task but now most of us avid online shoppers. In today’s fast pace era anything which is convenient and accessible on our fingertips grabs our attention easily.

The concept of shopping while communicating through an app was generated from Wechat. Wechat,this massive messaging service is based in China. Wechat has built a dominant e-commerce integration that let it users do convenient purchasing from buying airline ticket to clothes. Facebook and Twitter are too experimenting with this new-found interest. Hence they are in the process of generating “purchase” buttons.

Spring is mobile marketplace of several brands for consumers it includes from start-ups to stalwarts. Spring partners with a wide range of clothing brands and features their products. The apps co-founders include brothers David and Alan Tisch. They have made shopping experience convenient at a go through ‘Spring’ app.Spring give it users mall like shopping experience. Spring is a simplified and personalized interface . It prompt users to follow brands and fashion bloggers also.


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      Nice article on online shopping it will be good for buyer that that want to buy there shopping product online.

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