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Facebook is a spot where people from all over the world assemble every day to participate in various discussions as well as share their opinions and thoughts. Everything is discussed from passing of Nelson Mandela to highlights of Golden Globe.

Recently Facebook has announced Trending, which is a new product designed to surface relevant and interesting conversations so that users can discover best content from all across the Facebook. It allows people to tap into hot topics that are gaining popularity across the social network.

Users can see a list of topics that have recently spiked popularity which they can find at the top right hand side corner of their newsfeed. The entire list is personalized, that includes topics based on things that the users are interested in and what is trending in all around Facebook.

Each topic listed is accompanied by a headline that explains briefly why it is trending. The users can click on the heading to see the most interesting post from their friends. Even they can keep a track on a particular topic that is being discussed on various Pages.

Facebook’s this move underlines an effort to boost engagement on the site by stoking interest with such a feature that offers attractive headlines.

Trending is currently in function on web in selected countries and makers are testing it on mobile.

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