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Always live? Never want to miss an update? Windows has tried hard this time to get things right, this time with the latest update for Facebook.

Due to the nature of the operating system the app has been completely designed by Microsoft for Windows Phone keeping in mind all the necessary must haves.

The new Facebook app for windows aims at providing smooth and integrated functionality.  With the ability to display Facebook photos on the phone’s lock screen, Windows has taken a good step ahead towards customization.


The interface resembles quite similar to the Facebook app on other platforms, considering this is coming from Microsoft and not Facebook directly. The app is snappy to use and doesn’t cause a lag and neither is heavy on the phone’s hardware. This is a great benefit of creating a customized app through a shared API.

Bug Fixes:

Microsoft has also silently fixed a few missing features that were not there in the previous app like uploading more than one photo at once, or tagging someone in a comment or status. The newest version of the app tells you how many new stories are at the top of your news feed through a small arrow button on the right side. You will jump to the latest updates directly as you tap the arrow.

Custom tailoring:

Microsoft has made a clever use of its live tiles and Facebook app. It gives you the option to customize your lock screen. The app changes the lock screen background all through the day with the pictures from your own Facebook album.

It also gives you the option of live tile that can be pinned to the start screen of your phone. It acts as a Facebook notification center, displays your latest status and flips to the cover photo every 30 seconds.

While Microsoft will keep pouring in with new features through the betas it has been rolling out, the new Facebook app is a much-needed relief than using Facebook’s mobile site.


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