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Now Reach Cricket Fans On Facebook Through Power Editor

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The most sought after and highly relied upon social media networking source and platform Facebook caters to the needs of one and all. Facebook is highly relied upon whether it pertains to any updates, announcements or any news. This in the current time-frame is cashed upon as one of the most fastest modes of spreading any piece of information of public announcement just like a wildfire. Thus, in a way it is a vastly used and leveraged upon medium for social interactions and reaching out to a large set of audience from once base platform only.

Talking about large set of fan base and Facebook account users, the current prevailing so-called rush on this social media marketing platform is that of the ‘Cricket WorldCup Fever’. With matches being played between the strong competitive teams, the supporters are both figuratively and literary in ‘full-swing’ when it comes to being active. The love and passion for this game undoubtedly arises a sense of pride and competition among the hard-core cricket fans.


Looking at this, Facebook is a sure-shot favourite amongst other social media platforms to showcase the love, passion, zeal and enthusiastic support to their favourite teams. Herein, it develops a great opportunity for the social media marketers to engage with their active user base that is extremely active with comments, posts, shares, likes etc. for the respective teams that they are cheering for.

Interestingly, going by the statistical implications, it has come across that from amongst over 1.3 billion people who are accessing Facebook, more than 100 million people are interested in cricket. This surely accounts for a huge number that seeks active interest in posting and sharing updates pertaining to the one of the most popular sporting event in the world -cricket.

The cricket fever is at the high pitch and virtually, Facebook is the biggest cricket stadium in the world. Going by the same, Facebook via Power Editor tool has brought in ‘Cricket 2015’ segment in “Behaviors” section under “Seasonal and Events.”

Facebook’s bulk ad creation and management tool, Power Editor has recently introduced the new feature viz. ‘Cricket 2015’. Power Editor is a highly relied upon tool for those who have got their presence felt via Facebook’s business to generate and increase the level of engagement with the targeted set of audience.

All those who wish to access ‘Cricket 2015’ with a view to generate more relevant ads, the targeting segment in Power Editor in the ‘Behaviors’ section, under the ‘Seasonal and Event’ category, will now readily enable to do so.

Snapshot of Cricket 2015 targeting segment in “Behaviors” section under “Seasonal and Events”

Snapshot of Cricket 2015 targeting segment in “Behaviors” section under “Seasonal and Events”

 Enlisted below are the detailed intricacies of this segment:

  • Facebook has included all the people engaging with content about the Cricket World Cup which includes:
    a) Trending topics,
    b) Status updates and
    c) people who like cricket teams and players
  • The social networking platform shall update this particular segment everyday throughout the World Cup tenure. As and when the excitement level of the tournament shall build in, the pace of the segment shall increase.

Suggestive Measures for Marketers:

  • Social media marketers, highly active on Facebook will be able to reach out to the people interested in cricket, in the specific countries or from specific cities.
  • As and when the creative side is developed, the vision, sight, sound and motion with the Facebook’s video ads will bring messages to life.
  • Apart from this, the marketers will be able to keep on adding additional targeting areas so as to refine the audience like age, gender and along with other demographic measures.

Image Credit: mensxp, Power Editor

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Interesting!!! Now everywhere cricket fever is there. Whether it is world cup or upcoming IPL, everyone is excited for it. I think this is the best gift given by Facebook to cricket lovers.

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