Noxedge Used Search Engine Marketing To Gain 140% Increase In Display Conversions

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noxedgeAbout Nox Edge :

Nox Edge, a manufacturer of workout supplements, was the first to come out with a pre workout dietary supplement, in a chewable form. These supplements help in increasing stamina and improve endurance. They also helped in muscle recovery and boosting nitric oxide levels in the body.

Business Objectives Of Nox Edge:

Nox Edge was having problems in increasing traffic through their PPC Campaign without increasing their cost per acquisition. They hired Wpromote, an online marketing company to help them increase their online traffic.

  • They wanted strategic PPC campaign adjustments to increase sales without increasing Cost Per Acquisition.
  • They also wanted to develop new initiatives such that sales would increase without increasing overall costs.

Strategy Adopted By Nox Edge:

  • Wpromote found out that NoxEdge was focussing their PPC Campaign only on brand terms. They did an extensive campaign audit to find areas of expansion.
  • An extensive campaign using Celebrity Endorsement terms, Competitor terms and other Supplement terms, were used.
  • Special offers and promotions were introduced to increase conversions.
  • Detailed Bid management helped in reducing costs and leaving some budget for new advertising initiatives.
  • They advised on running image and text ads on Google Display Network with celebrities endorsing their products.
  • Remarketing of celebrity ads was done for users who had visited their site but had not made a purchase.

Results Achieved By Nox Edge:

In just 4 months of hiring Wpromote, the following results were achieved :

  • Display Conversions increased by 140%.
  • Total conversions increased by more than 50%.
  • Retargeting ads brought back 12000 visitors to their site.
  • Through continuous campaign optimization, retargeting conversions increased by 75%.


A good internet digital marketing agency brings a lot of difference to your PPC Campaign. After all, the ultimate requirement of any business is to increase traffic and hence sales. A reputed agency justifies the cost attached to it, by increasing profits for the company.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    In which industry vertical does this company belong to? Pharmaceutical? Or else? The post is good.

  2. Vikalp Bharti

    As a fellow researcher, I had a tough time understanding CPA.This post is just another step 🙂 The online marketing agency in this case clearly targeted all the weaklings of the previous campaign from all directions, whether it is keyword expansion, increase in display ads, offers or re-marketing.


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