O Teri, A Bollywood Movie Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Achieve A Fan Base Of Around 90%

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o teriAbout O Teri: O Teri, as a campaign, is an example of how organic growth can optimize the interaction base. O Teri is a bollywood movie which utilized social media to generate a true organic fan base of almost 90% which would watch the movie.


Business Objectives:

O Teri is a bollywood movie whose challenge was to create a true organic fan base since it did not boasted of a big star cast which further made the challenge even more difficult. Thus, the objective was to create the right kind of engagement activities so as to create more and more fan base that would advocate & watch the movie.

Strategy/Approach Adopted By O Teri:

The strategy employed to achieve the objective was integrating the topic of movie to the current affairs of the country. Since the movie had a theme of corruption and politics, a witty tone was added to the content tactics to make it shareable. Content tactics like “Aapko Kaisa Lag Raha Hai” and “O Teri News” were the prime buckets which imparted an idea about the movie.

“Aaj kuch Sansani Kadte Hai” was the peg that was applied on all social media communication campaigns.

Sansani 1: O Teri Updates

The idea was to integrate the weird news with O Teri as the lead actors are in the same profession. Along with this, screenshots of the trailers were used so as to sync the users with the movie. Lot of memes and political satire messages were employed to add comical flavour to the campaign.

Sansani 2: Song Launch

The objective was to launch all the songs online. Methodology followed was seeding of these songs on various websites to generate maximum views. Just like “SANSANI” every song was a “BREAKING NEWS” and received good interaction. Using teaser posts and hashtags before the actual release of songs like #UMBAKKUM and #BUTT PATLO were successful in increasing the curiosity of the viewers and hence increasing the engagement.

Simultaneously, they had fantastic interactions on Twitter which helped it trend multiple times within a time span of 2 months.

Results Achieved:

After the start, this campaign received 35% of organic growth in fan base which spiked to 85% by mid campaign. By the end of the campaign the total achievement was almost 90% of fan base.

There were posts that enjoyed high interactions for e.g. the song #BUTTPATLO enjoyed 1 million views. Similarly after a week of release of the movie, 50,000+ fans were talking about the movie. Total target achievement was an impressive 104% as 52205 fans attained against a target of 50,000.

Similarly in case of Twitter within 2 months of campaign the movie trended numerous times. #MyOTeriWish, #OTeriinCinemas were few of the top trending topics on twitter. Target achieved was an astonishing 143% as 1432 followers achieved against a target of 1000.

Key Learnings:

Few learnings from the case study can be summarized as under:

  • Social media has become one of the most important and cost effective tool of promotion for products, brands etc.
  • For achieving high level of viewer engagement posting of new, unique and interesting content is a must.
  • Teaser posts and hash-tags help in engaging as well as creating curiosity among the viewers.
  • Integrating the topic of the campaign with the current affairs and adding a witty and comical tone to the content tactics helps in getting your posts more imprints and shares.
  • It helps in generating a good organic base of fans without involving high budgets.
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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    A complete new test and hope. Social media can infuse fresh oxygen into the hope of the producers and film makers in the domain of short films and documentary films, where there is no or less involvement of cine celebrities.


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