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Ola Cabs Traced Cabs Using Missed Call Partnership With Zip Dial

Ola Cabs Traced Cabs Using Missed Call Partnership With Zip Dial

Bhavish Aggarwal the man behind Ola cabs started the service in December 2010 to put a full stop to car rental/hiring problems in India and to ensure the happy journey for all Indians through their ride. It is started as a carpooling service where once we key in the city where we are, we can able to locate the nearby drivers for your ride with their contact information and reviews and ratings about them. The company now has more than 200,000 cars across 85 cities. From November 2014, Ola had a trial ride in Bangalore with Autos for hire. After  the trial stage, it is now spreading to other cities like Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Indore & Jaipur. One has to book a cab with Ola, then we need to download their app which is available both in Android and iOS platforms and your first ride with Ola will be absolutely free if you are travelling to a shorter distance.

ola for all

ola app

Ola was estimated to be a $5 billion company as of September 2015. Ola also started off with many new services as per the city needs such as Ola cafe, Ola store, Ola shuttle, Ola money and Ola corporate. Even Ola was the one who rented a boat for Chennai when it was under devastating natural calamity because of the heavy rains. Ola strengthened them by acquiring Taxi For Sure (TFS) cabs in which Ola users can use those cabs via Ola mobile applications; they also acquired Geotagg (a trip-planning applications company). They advertise on their Facebook page such as “Make Ola your best buddy in all means and use our app to move every nook and corner of India”

ola services


Ola quotes to its customers “The vision is to bring the same efficiency and customer experience to the car rental industry that you get with the airline industry!” To bring in the efficiency, they recently tied up with Zip Dial acquired by Twitter in early 2015 to track the cabs using missed calls by the end customers. The actual methodology will be like every cab comes with a driver’s smartphone with GPS enabled which helps to trace the drivers location in current time. This tracking of GPS also ensures one’s safety throughout their journey. Ola also allows customers  to share their location information with anyone after the Delhi issue.

ola gps

Why Ola tied up with the Zip dial?

Ola wants to improve their efficiency by all means. they also have the biggest market share in the car rental services in India compared to its competitors. To sustain the credibility they need to prove themselves as always one step ahead of their competitors. Zip dial is a mobile marketing and analytics platform helpful in bringing out success for upcoming business through their strategic customer engagements.

ola zipdial

Out of the tie-ups How Ola customers will be benefitted?

Ola provides an SMS service on ZipDial platform which helps the customers

  • tracing the cab’s distance from their place
  • expected time of arrival to their place  in minutes of time


This service is free of cost for Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi-NCR Ola customers. Once you are done with your booking with Ola, you will be getting the information such as cab registration number and a phone number Right?

so now with an addition to this, if you give a  missed call to this number, Ola will be providing us with an SMS that tells us how near the cab is and how much time it will take to reach the place.

Really that is cool!

Despite having the location tracking technology available on their mobile app they identify a shortcut to get it done by an SMS which gives a much more personal touch to the users. also, it is the smart way to do marketing to their customers that they don’t really need to have a smartphone to travel in Ola. Because they provide you every information to your inbox with a simple missed call.

Final few words

This tech-friendly feature for sure attracts many customers to Ola. It provides the users with the exact location information which enable the users to avoid the cancellation or non-availability issues which are highly common in this platform. Also, this SMS concept saves mobile data for many customers and the service is given for free is another amazing thing usually the tracking of a cab will be charged some  mere amount. So what else to wait for Go to Google play download ola if you don’t have before, book a trip with Ola and say Ola to your drivers. You can also pay them via their Ola money (E-wallet to pay for ola cabs and some other sites).

ola free ride

Note: Ola also gives the wide range of coupons for the referral codes, amazing cash back offers with some tie-up mobile wallets.It also provides its users first ride for free of cost.

ola coupons

Credits: The Hindu and inc

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