Olivia Rose Gained New YouTube Subscribers in 4 Days via Social Media Campaign

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Olivia Rose Hair and Beauty isle of man

About Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose is the biggest hair and beauty salon in UK and is well renowned across Europe. The company strives to expand its business by targeting the French-speaking websites with a paid social media campaign that could draw in subscribers. This makes a profitable location for the company and hence, the company has chosen geographic areas for women who have natural hair to serve its strategic purpose optimally.

Business Objectives

To raise greater brand awareness for Olivia Rose, a natural afro hair tutorial website, the company decided to steer French-speaking websites with a paid social media campaign that could draw in subscribers. 


Olivia Rose renders hair tutorials for women who own natural afro hair, according to Stephanie Thalmensy, Founder, and Olivia Rose. More precisely, English and French speaking women.
“Our regulars are women who have afro hair and who would like to master about hair styling and maintenance that is precise to afro hair,” she said.


It was clear cut to run a Facebook and Instagram video campaign to graduate the Olivia Rose YouTube channel, and to develop greater awareness across the brand.

According to Thalmensy, had been growing organically for barely two years, absolutely from posting quality video tutorials. The only concern was that the organic pace of the channel was a little too slow for an area the marquee or brand wanted to focus on.

She and her team needed to see if they could improve the visibility and consciousness of the channel to the right addresses.


Thalmensy and her team ran paid social media campaigns by means of Instagram and Facebook on several languages and geographical areas for women who have got natural afro hair.

The aim of the campaign was to create traffic to the Olivia Rose YouTube channel and to switch new viewers into subscribers. The ideals for this particular campaign would influence the number of video views on the channel.

The campaign triggered on January 10, 2016 and persistent on reaching out to Oliva Rose’s niche addressees on social media channels.

Step #1. Identify the Objectives

To start off, Thalmensy and her team desired to set up clear objectives. This was vital with this being the first responsibility of its kind for the Olivia Rose brand name, where the YouTube channel had only developed organically up until then.


They decided to focus on the videos, because they were being created through Google’s AdSense program, and increased or elevated video views should mean increasing the advertising proceeds.

Addition to that, Thalmensy listed the objectives as follows:

  • To improve the Facebook fan base
  • To strengthen the number of YouTube subscribers
  • To increase the amount of subscribers to the Olivia Rose website
  • To annex the number of Instagram followers

Hopefully, the number of engagement and interaction across those social media platforms would nurture during this campaign as well.

Step #2. Create the Ad

The ad detailed a short, 20-second advertising video trailer, which was high quality and would provide up to 720p (HD).

The team required to keep the length short, to amend it for both Facebook and Instagram, which vary in this area — Facebook allows video content up to 30 minutes, while Instagram allows video content only up to 30 seconds.


The video emphasize the niche zones of hair tutorial the brand can offer, quickly starring off different unique hairstyles, treatments and steps, which frieghted in near-snapshots the value proposition of the Olivia Rose brand. It also contained a text extract or snippet of 90 characters, in order to pitch the video content to the prospective audience.

Additionally, the team further added a call-to-action at conclude, which authorized the audience to click through and watch more on the Olivia Rose YouTube channel.

Step #3. Target the Paid Ad Audience

Thalmensy and her team started identifying how to target their specific audience via Facebook’s audience targeting.

When molding or making an ad with Facebook’s Power Editor, ad creation or directly in a compaines’ Facebook page, companies have the chance to target their ads to people based on location and demographics like age, gender, connections and interests.

There is even the likeliness of targeting people based on behaviors, which are decisive by what people are affiliated to on Facebook, such as pages, apps and events.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, the same targeting opportunities are available for that platform as the ads created on Facebook.

Companies can also focus on Instagram and Facebook ads to customised audience, which is made up of existing customers, or a lookalike audience, which displays the ad to people who are expected to be interested in your business because they’re identical to your own customers.

In the first campaign, Olivia Rose focused on French-speaking women with afros in countries outside of France.

The team applied the analytics info from the Olivia Rose YouTube channel in order to choose which country demographics to target.

The Oliva Rose campaign targeted an audience that was:

  • Exclusively female
  • Aged between 13-40 years old
  • In French-speaking countries outside of France, such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Martin and Reunion

Since those countries’ ethnic diversity is primarily of African descent, the team felt they didn’t need to detail any further within Facebook’s audience targeting possibilities.

Step #4. Adjust based on reach and engagement

It was decided by Thalmensy and her team to drive the first campaign as a trial on a Sunday, to see what kind of comeback the targeted audience would have.

If productive it was, they intent that they would run additional campaign from a Thursday to Monday.
After reviewing the operation from the first campaign, Thalmensy said, “We retailored the campaign bid price and audience.”

The positive results stimulate them to develop the campaign into English-speaking countries, which combined:

  • English-speaking African countries
  • English-speaking Caribbean countries
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States and Canada

The campaign ran until January 25, and a couple of the videos — the ones that were 10- and 12-seconds long — saw 100% average fulfillment rate for views. The 12-second video had been visualized almost 12,000 times.


The campaign was extremely cost effective, according to Thalmensy and her team, if the video content that composed was strong.

The organic growth that had initially fed the channel was still there; just pumped up through the paid social media push, with viewers sharing videos to their own feed.

Some of the important results from this campaign were:

  • 1,758 new Instagram followers
  • 1,784 new YouTube subscribers
  • 15,647 new Facebook fans
  • 6 new blog subscribers


  • There is no need to pitch your product info to the customers and push them to buy your product instead building a relationship and educating them is important.
  • Lead Nurturing is the best way to increase revenues.
  • For successful Inbound Marketing a strong presence in social networking sites is important.
  • A very effective content is important to attract the customers and sharing the content on number of social networking sites would help in gaining visibility.
  • Time investment for developing an appropriate content with the preferred quality is important.
  • Inbound Marketing also helps in brand awareness and also in generating quality traffic.

Image Credits: YouTube page, Olivia Rose video ad

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