On The Beach Used Web Analytics To Garner 25% Increase In ROI

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On the Beach LogoAbout on the Beach :-

UK’s leading online travel agency founded in 2004 with the registered office in Cheadle. The company striving perfecting in providing traveler a broad range of travel products including 50 million airplane seats and more than 30,000 hotels around the world. Moreover, it gives consumer the flexibility to chose any flights or hotel which best suit their requirement. The company also offer value for money flights and hotels packages to the world’s most popular beach destinations.

on the Beach Business Objectives :-

Since On the Beach was not as much a popular brand so that consumer directly come to their website; therefore, they need to ensure that their search campaign should be optimized to reflect return on investment. Primarily, they divided their objectives in 2 parts :-

  • Introducing the brand in public display while doing generic search by consumer.
  • Increase sales and grow on-line business.

A generic research is the non brand search which means introducing the brand to the public by using maximum number of relevant keywords into search.

on the Beach Approach / Strategy :-

The value of generic search is difficult to measure with ‘last click wins’ attribution model because it does not give any credit to steps like search, displaying attractive content and rich media ads in sale conversion process. Therefore, On the Beach management decided to partner with Google to develop multi- channel model using the tools – AdWord Search Funnels and Google Analytics Multi Channel funnels.

The methodology by the company is to split the credit for each sale across numerous click points rather than giving credit to first or last click. It clearly comes out with the insight that On the Beach needs to increase budget on generic campaigns to have fruitful results. The approach clearly worked out as successful attribution model for the company.

Results Achieved By on the Beach :-

The company is excited about the immediate results in successive quarters. The company have shown their results in 3 parts :-

  • Drive high traffic volume to website using generic keywords.
  • Company enjoyed high market share relative to their competitors.
  • Return on investments have increased up to 25%.

Learnings :-

The results have also shown a way to other on line advertiser who are interested in this new attribution model. Infact 60% of advertisers increase paid search spend as a result of attribution. Web Analytics and search market campaign can be a real time help for companies looking forward to grow their businesses on line.

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