OneHope Leveraged Email Marketing To Garner 100% Increase In Sales In 6 Months

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OneHope Wine is one of the most recognizable socially conscious brands in the United States Of America, and is the wine of choice at several hundred premier events including the Grammy Awards, The American Red Cross, BAFTA and Sundance film festival. In a period of five years, OneHope Wine has expanded into a variety of markets across the US, and continues its positive growth. It is available nationwide in hotel, restaurants, bars and retail stores.

OneHope’s Business Objectives

The main objective of OneHope was Improving the ROI from the E Commerce Email Marketing Campaign.

Strategy Adopted/Implemented By OneHope

A revamped Email Marketing Campaign was developed by OneHope that integrated the latest strategies, cutting edge design and engaging messaging.

1. Strong Content Marketing Approach-

This involved focusing on improved overall design, aesthetics, creating promotions, using seasonal messaging and including bold call-to-action on all emails.

2. Automated Email Marketing Campaigns-

This involved implementing life-cycle emails, strategic repeat emails and building monthly sending schedule.

3. Improving the Open-Rates-

This involved Subject Line Testing, determining optimal send times and scrubbing inactive subscribers from the email lists.

Results Achieved By OneHope

As a result of the strategy adopted by OneHope, the following results were achieved :

1. Increased Sales- Doubled sales over a 6 month period.

By emailing potential customers, OneHope was able to able to earn and build trust with them as well entice them to buy their wines. Higher sales conversions were achieved as the emails contained relevant and focused content.

2. Shortened Sales Cycle-  Re-mailing and reminder emails

As a part of the email marketing automation strategy, OneHope designed reminder emails and re-mailing approach for the customers. The emails were designed to remind and update the customers about OneHope Wines, basically educating the audience about the Wines, Prices, Delivery etc. This saved time and effort and shortened the sales cycle.

3. Improved open-rates

OneHope was able to have a 6.5% increase in the open rates without list segmentation. Prior to this email marketing campaign, the open-rates for all emails were lower than the industry average.

4. Winning back lost customers

The Email Marketing campaign involved using aggressive sales messaging. As mentioned earlier, “Content” was give prime importance in the emails. This helped OneHope in connecting with the audience in a more effective way, thus resulting resulting in winning back lost customers.

5. Generating repeat business- Follow-up and Thank-you emails

Follow-up and Thank-you emails led to increased customer engagement. Through scheduled emails, OneHope was not only able to increase customer engagement but also enhance the follow up with the customers.


  1. “Automation of emails” in the Email Marketing Campaigns results in larger transactions and higher customer value generation.
  2. “Proper Scheduling” of the emails, helps in shortening the sales cycles and also in generating repeat business.
  3. “Content” of the emails being sent in the Email Marketing Campaign, helps to win back lost customers.
  4. “Effective” Email Marketing Campaigns help in improving the Open Rates of the emails. Open rates give a good idea of how the campaign is performing with a particular email list. If an Open Rate is strong, it usually means that subject lines resonate with the audience.


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