ONEHOPE Used Email Marketing To Gain 100% Increase In Sales In 6 Months

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downloadAbout ONEHOPE

Among all the wines that are available in the US, ONEHOPE is the most recognized and fully socially conscious brand. It is the most preferred brands at a vast number of prestigious events which include events like the BAFTA’s, Sundance Film Festival, the American Red cross Gala and even the immensely popular and famous, The Grammy’s. ONEHOPE ardently believe in the philosophy of ‘giving back’ to the society which patronize it.

Business Objectives Of ONEHOPE

ONEHOPE was not able to get sufficient and satisfactory return on its investment on the email campaign launched by it. It was also not having the resources as well as appropriate systems for sending emails as frequently as it wished to.  Moreover, the open rate for each of its email was lower as compared to the average rate prevailing in the industry.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By ONEHOPE

A fully re-conceptualized and redesigned email marketing campaign was devised for ONEHOPE Wine in which latest strategies were integrated with the cutting-edge design coupled with engaging mail content.  While creating the campaign and managing it, due care was taken to solve each one of the problems ONEHOPE was facing in its management of their campaign at their own level.

The aesthetics of the overall design was improved, seasonal greetings and promotional offers made and  bold CTAs included in all the emails which led to spectacularly better results. A trend towards greater number of transactions as also a higher level of customer value generation emerged almost instantly.

All the processes involved in its email campaign of ONEHOPE were automated by the company and their campaign is now better organised.  Now, they are able to send a variety of emails ranging from those related to the lifestyle to such as strategic repeat mails as also monthly calendar.

A split-test of the subject line was conducted and the optimum number of send times was ascertained.  The email list of the company was rid of subscribers who were found to be inactive to ensure a better rate of open.


By adopting an active management style and by optimizing their email campaign, ONEHOPE was able to double their sales within a period of just four months. Their sales cycle also got shortened due to the strategy of sending reminders and also due to re-mailing. Their open rates improved substantially. The customers who were inactive were won back with the use of aggressive style of    sales messaging. With the help of proper follow-up strategy and sending of the thanks-giving emails, a lot of repeat business could be generated.


It is clear from the above discussion of the experience of the ONEHOPE Wine that for the success of any email  marketing campaign, existence of a properly thought out and active strategy is absolutely necessary. Any random or half-hearted attempt at success can only be disappointing and frustrating. The aesthetics of overall design layout of the email is as important as its content. Besides this, the content needs to be engaging and valuable to the readers to evoke their interest and ensure better open rates.

The subscribers’ interest can be sustained by offering them lucrative promotional offers and also providing them information that is of value to them. To keep the customer base intact, the strategy of re-mailing and reminders can prove crucial. Above all, of course, is the need to be active and alert all the times so as to keep the campaign at a level where it achieves optimum results to the company.

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