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Online advertising is a popular and the most effective method of advertising your business over the internet.

It helps gain traction and traffic on your company’s website and also expands your audience reach. Online advertising is used by companies of all sizes, small and large.

On an avg. basis, businesses that spend $1 on Online Advertising makes $2 as ROI.

It helps generate revenue, as well. Online advertising can be done in a lot of different methods. These include Pay per Click (PPC), social media advertising, online display advertising, and in-apps advertising, among others.

Before deploying any campaign, it is essential to define your goals for your marketing campaign. The goals are the foundation of your marketing strategies and help optimize the PPC campaign according to your needs.

These can be maximizing sales, widening audience base, increasing traffic, subscriptions, and such.

In recent years, digital marketing has gained an enormous amount of significance. Every firm or company out there have devised effective digital marketing strategies to generate more revenue, popularity and attract a wider audience.

Social media and the online community hold a massive amount of dominance in the market. Hence, it isn’t surprising that digital marketing is of paramount importance to the businesses out there.

Digital marketing incorporates a variety of strategies. One such approach is online advertising.

In simple terms, online advertising involves the use of the internet to generate website traffic and target and deliver useful information about your product or service to the targeted audience.

As mentioned earlier, Google Ads is one of the popular platforms for online advertising campaigns. But it is not the only option.

Giving competition to Google, there is also Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, as well as Twitter Ads. Users can choose from different objectives and have their ads sponsored or promoted. These platforms also have their analytics and reporting dashboards.

This article talks about the various types of online advertising.

Types of Online Advertising

1. Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

This is one of the most common types of online advertising. Paid search is also known as Pay Per Click or PPC advertising.

PPC advertising uses the deployment of advertisements on several websites.

The advertisers have to pay a small fee every time the ad is clicked upon. It is a method in which the companies buy site visits and thus, are fundamentally improving their visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), coupled with online advertising is one of the most popular online advertising examples. In this method, the use of keywords is significant. They need to be categorized under various ad groups according to the type of campaign.

They also need to be of the correct match type. It is always better to add several PPC keywords that are relevant to your business into the content. This helps your ads to be shown to the right users at the right time and according to the campaign as well.

By putting your keywords into ad groups, you can alter and differentiate among search terms related to the ad. Two particular types of lists should be kept in mind, which are a list of suitable keywords ad group and the wrong keywords ad group.

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To optimize the PPC campaign, the keywords should be checked for their performance. Only the ones with excellent performance should be included in the content. They help increase traction. Also, you should focus on changing the keywords to identify the best bids for you.

One the PPC campaign has been set up, it is essential to monitor the website continuously and thus, your company’s progress. By monitoring as well as optimizing your online advertising campaigns, your company’s customer base can be effectively improved and along with that, the ROI or the Return on Investment is also increased.

The most popular search engine in today’s digital world is Google.

It makes use of AdWords, which helps your website gain traction and trend over the internet. Google advertises the website’s advertisements (ads) and using the PPC model, every time a user clicks on the ad, Google collects a fee from the advertisers.

Google’s AdWords concept is pretty straightforward and is thus being widely used. It is also rapidly being adopted in marketing strategies as it creates numerous opportunities and draws a lot more exposure. This also helps businesses improve their revenues.

Some of the online advertising jobs in such types of online advertising are-

Online Advertising Jobs in PPC

  • SEM Specialist/Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • PPC Executive
  • AdWords Campaign Manager

2. Social Media Marketing

Gaining a strong foothold as well as competing in a market that may already be dominated by big players can be difficult for small businesses.

For you, as a small business, it is crucial to have a strong social media marketing campaign in place.

Content is fire; social media is gasoline. –says Jay Baer, Bestselling Author, Marketing Expert and Founder of Convince & Convert.

With increasing social media platforms and websites, companies can make use of these platforms to promote their products and services.

Social media is a very useful platform to reach prospective clients and augment the consumer base. Whether you are just a startup, which is only in its initial phases, or a personal business looking to take your company online, social media online advertising campaigns are fruitful for you.

Advertisers can target or categorize users on various factors to find the correct audience group for them. The ability of social media advertising to help the advertisers divide the targets in a very granular manner is one of the significant advantages of online advertising.

The audience can be categorized based on numerous parameters ranging from demographic information to browsing preferences as well as social behavior. Depending on the kind of profiles and pages they follow, along with other pointers, a custom audience can be created.

This method of “identity marketing” is one of the latest in digital marketing and is gaining significant interest from several advertisers owing to its efficiency.

In the end, social media marketing is nothing but the creation of content which will aid in the process of gaining website traffic and traction among users through social media circles, which can further drive your user engagement and even sharing.

Some of the popular platforms used for social media advertising are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. In Social Media types of Online Advertising, there are a wide variety of online advertising jobs for adept professionals, so let us have a look upon those as well-

Online Advertising Jobs in Social Media Marketing 

  • Social Media Advertising Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • SMO Expert
  • Facebook Marketing/Advertising Manager

3. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If you include effective internet video marketing strategies in your advertising campaigns, you can gain a better response to your campaigns.

Video ads have been consistently growing in terms of popularity, especially with the younger age groups in the consumer segment. YouTube is the best platform for videos and offers advertisers a full set of opportunities for deploying their video ads.

Through thorough research and analytics as well as customization, advertisers are going for video marketing to gain traction among users. In video marketing types of Online Advertising, there are some specialist online advertising jobs, and some of those are given below-

Online Advertising Jobs in Video Marketing

  • YouTube Advertising Expert
  • Facebook Video Ads Manager
  • Video Marketer

Types of advertisements in Online Advertising

Online advertising, also known as digital or internet advertising, involves a lot of authenticities and thought while creating attractive advertisements. There are a variety of online publications to choose from. Some of them are mentioned below-

Display Ads

This is one of the original and predominantly used advertising forms wherein a third-party website displays ads of your product or service. These days, they usually come with wallpapers, popup ads, videos, static images, written content, as well as floating banners. Display ads are not only practical but also extremely cost-effective for companies to invest in.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is one of the best methods for targeting a particular audience based on age, gender, region, interests, academic background, etc. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are instrumental in helping you attract the targeted audience, effectively.


Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is one of the most effective, useful and dominating methods of online paid advertising. This method is mostly based on keywords. A company, as well as its competitors, bid on various keywords to enhance their ranking in the SERPs, i.e. Search Engine Ranking Pages.

Let us now have a look upon some of the key elements of a successful online advertising campaign-

Online Advertising Campaign & its Elements

An online advertising campaign is built up of several elements.

These are all interconnected, and each has its own set of functions that help maximize the full potential of the campaign. Let us go through some of the main components of an online advertising campaign.

(a) Visual as well as Text Aids

Many search engines, such as Google and Bing, offer several options to advertisers through which they can advertise. They can go for textual ads or known as PPC ads, or visual ads, for instance, banners. These visual aids are also referred to as display ads.

Different types of Social media platforms also provide advertisers with several advertising options, some of which combine the two above mentioned advertising formats. There are several other sizes available for advertisers to use and depending upon the format as well as the advertising network, the needs of the campaign can be satisfied.

(b) Landing Pages

Make sure that after the customers click on the ad, they are redirected to an appropriate landing page that talks about the product or service for which the customer clicked.

If the ad’s landing page is not aligned with the ad, it will just end up confusing the customer. An online advertising example of this is redirecting the customer to the homepage or a generic page for all the advertisements included in the campaign.

Thus, it is crucial to optimize your landing page by matching it to the intent of the ad.

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(c) Sponsored Ads

The utilization of sponsored content as an element within the online advertising campaign is a tactic used by many advertisers. The sponsored content can be in various formats, including the editorial content, which is usually featured on websites.

It is popularly known as native advertising. Sponsored content is also in the form of sponsored ads on social media platforms. Several such platforms offer this functionality.

For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. These platforms provide an extensive range of options for sponsored ads.

(d) Analysis

It is essential to keep on checking the performance of your online advertising campaign regularly.

Some small startups do not give as much importance to their campaigns which leads to an outdated campaign which no longer helps the company gain the attention it requires. Moreover, it is also vital to keep experimenting with the keywords to have the most optimized list and thus, campaign.

For instance, if you are using Google Ads, which has its analytics platform, it becomes easy to set up tracking as well as for analytics for your campaign.

It offers insights into your campaigns by informing you about its performance, interaction with users, and what the customers find attractive. This information can be used to enhance the online advertising campaign.

By monitoring and understanding from the analytics reports, you can understand whether your advertising campaign is performing in the way you need it to. With the data provided from the analytics section, you can also check whether the campaign is in line with your other marketing initiatives. It helps the company perform better and gain better traction.

(e) Knowing your Audience

Advertisers need to conduct thorough research regarding keywords before launching their advertising campaigns. It is necessary to know your target audience base, and thus, they should be clear about their ideal customers. Therefore, audience segmentation should be done well.

It is creating detailed audience profiles to target your ideal audience. It helps you spend your online advertising budgets more efficiently. It also guides you to target the right customers.

By displaying the right ad at the right time and to the right audience is the best way to attract clicks and conversions. It is very important to schedule the optimal time for displaying your ad. Depending upon whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, the times differ according to your client base.

Make the most optimum use of the availability of GPS locations. By targeting specific and strategic locations according to your needs, you can target particular audience sets. It can help you increase your business in a much more optimized manner.

(f) Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Source – Freepik

Another vital component of your campaign is Email Marketing.

It is also one of the most widely used elements of the campaign. Some advertisers choose to launch only email marketing campaigns.

These are usually done to highlight any ongoing, limited offers that they might have going on. Advertisers can also use email marketing to complement other marketing channels.

(g) Remarket

It is advisable to remarket to the people who visit your website; however, leave before a conversion.

It is better to advertise during one session itself as the money you are investing in remains the same. It helps you save money and work with an existing budget effectively.

(h) Ad Extensions

Ad extensions, as the name suggests, shows additional information about what the ad talks about.

It gives the prospective customer a better idea of the product or the service.

They also help enhance visibility as well as the click rate. It improves the overall return on investment.

(i) A/B Tests

It is prudent to keep conducting regular A/B tests for all the elements within the campaign.

It helps make the ads relevant. The various aspects of the announcement that can be tested include keywords, links, headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions.

Whereas, for a landing page, the elements include CTA, images, headline, design, and features.

(j) Dynamic Keyword Insertion

By making use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion, i.e. DKI, the CTR can be improved.

By making sure your keywords are not broad within the ad group, DKI can help optimize your PPC campaign.

With the growth in the number of companies coupled with the increasing trend of digitization, there is an increased demand for online advertising professionals and services. It has led to an increase in the number of online advertising jobs as well.

As companies realize the importance of online advertising, the marketplace will need professionals with the appropriate expertise.

Now, after being aware of different key idiosyncrasies of online advertising, let us have a look upon some of the online advertising example-

Online Advertising Examples

Now, we are going to include some of the interesting and informative examples of online advertising, so you can get the basic ideas of different types of online advertising and how they look-

1. Paid Search

This type of online advertising is useful in driving traffic to your important site pages. From lead generation to conversions, such ads pay a key role.

Example of Paid Search

Example of Paid Search

2. Native Advertising

Opt for such online ads for amplifying content reach and building brand awareness.

Example of Native Advertising

Example of Native Advertising

3. Banner Ads

Such types of Online Advertising is good for growing brand awareness and driving traffic to your site.

Example of Banner Ads

Example of Banner Ads

4. Facebook Sponsored Posts

It is crucial for growing your following on Facebook, plus it also helps you generate leads, boost sales and increase conversions.

Example of Facebook Sponsored Posts

Example of Facebook Sponsored Posts

Now, before concluding this post, let us have a look upon the key upsides and advantages of online advertising campaigns-

Advantages of Online Advertising

This technique of digital marketing has gained momentum in the last few years due to its effectiveness. There are numerous benefits of incorporating online advertising in your digital marketing strategy. Some of these advantages are mentioned below-

(a) One of the key advantages of online advertising is its ability to be a long term strategy to generate leads, ensure effective online branding and increase conversions. Online advertising is a long-term strategy and can generate leads from all over the world. Since the development of technology is on the rise, this technique will never become obsolete.

(b) Online advertising offers you full control in your hand, and you can run as per your spending plan and outcomes that you are accomplishing with different types of online advertising campaigns. A company is in total control while deciding the type of online advertising that it wants to use. It is also quite easy to evaluate the effect of this marketing strategy when you have full control over the technique.

(c) One of the most productive advantages of online advertising is its competence in creating a huge fan-base around the brands. It helps you build a transparent relationship and better communication with your customer. Invariably, it instils trust and confidence in the customer regarding your company.

(d) Online advertising empowers businesses to target the most relevant audiences who are ready to opt for your services by using analytics. Online advertising is known to be extremely useful, particularly in generating leads and targeting a specific audience.

(e) Online advertising offers you the flexibility of ad types

Wrapping it up!

As mentioned above, it is crucial to monitor your campaign continuously.

Marketing campaigns also keep track of where all the spending is going. The analytics tab reports the metrics of the campaign’s performance. It will help you further optimize the campaign according to your needs to yield better results.

Online advertising is on the rise as one of the leading digital marketing strategies due to its ability to attract a wider audience, generating useful leads and targeting a specific stratum of the online society. Hence, it is one of the best techniques to be included in a company’s marketing strategy.

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To gain the upper hand from your competitors, it is advisable to utilize the benefits of having a campaign efficiently.

Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course can help you learn and master the concepts of online advertising like a pro.

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