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Only Facebook Videos Likely To Be Seen In 5 Years

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Apparently Facebook videos must be doing extremely well and that could be the reason for Facebook to have ‘all videos’ in the next five years.

At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London on Tuesday, Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of Facebook for operations in Africa, Middle East, and Europe, said

Facebook will be probably all video.

Mendelsohn added that video is “the best way to tell stories in this world” and “helps us to digest much more information.”facebook1

Facebook has been actively decreasing its efforts on text and putting its all efforts into video with numerous recent features and updates. This is evident from Facebook Live that gained immense popularity since its opening to public this year. Along with Mark Zuckerberg’s recent video of a conversation with astronauts on the International Space Station, there are many attention-grabbing videos that have gone up on Facebook Live.

Understanding the scenario of moving photos, GIFs, and images have become increasingly popular replacements for text reactions or messages. Facebook with a new feature has responded by allowing users to post videos as comments on their social sites.

Facebook is one of the first places on the web to host 360-degree photos and videos and with the introduction of virtual reality media, there will be new non-text ways to share things on FB.

There has been a year-on-year (Y-O-Y) decline of text and video-based communications have continued to grow.

Mendelsohn said Facebook would ‘definitely’ be mobile, and would ‘probably’ be ‘all video’ five years from now. Overseeing 433 million users in her region, she said Facebook Live is “a bigger faster phenomenon” than expected by the company.

If I was having a bet, it’d be video, video, video.

According to Fortune reports, users currently watch an average 100 million hours of video on Facebook mobile in a day. In just one year, the daily views have increased from 1 billion to 8 billion.

5 Steps To Maximize profits with Facebook Videos

We all have seen how mobile video took over everything. There has been a revolution and this is led by Facebook. There are some basic things you need to follow when creating a video for Facebook and the web in order to gain maximum profits. Gerzof Richard, founder, BIGfish PR has offers 5 basic steps to get the best of this video revolution.

1. Embrace video because that’s the present and the future

It is important for the companies to remember that they are now always on record and on camera. Therefore, they have to prepare and act as per the circumstances in their organizations. With minimum negative video outcomes and maximum positive video engagements, companies can be ahead of their competitors.

2. Know the ABC of making a compelling video

You should know which video is worth posting and which is not. Videos that explain what, when, who, why, how, and where about the industry and the company in which it operates and the services as well as products provided by them.

3. Use the right tools

You need to have right tools to make videos compelling. You can download and learn a simple yet wonderful video editing app to make your videos worth posting. You can use that to crop out unwanted frames, edit that, and shorten the videos as per your requirements. For instance, iMovie, Clipper, Magisto, AndroVid are some of the simple video editing apps that can be used to make post-worthy footage.

4. Videos should be fast and informative

Under a minute video works well. Videos that are short, informative, and sweet can help you gain maximum in this year of videos.

5. Monitor the impact

If you don’t know the basics of Facebook video analytics, you should learn them now. They are important for your businesses as understanding the impact of videos and adjusting your content accordingly is a crucial step for every business.1449173187-live-comp-imge

Here is what Richard has to say on video revolution.

“Companies looking to stay competitive in their market space, win new business and attract employees need to embrace video. They need to look at their mobile phones as video cameras and always think about creating relevant and meaningful content when going about their daily business activities.”

What are the ways you use Facebook videos or Facebook live stream videos for your business? If not, you should know these 7 hot trends of online videos of this year!

Image Credits: Fortune & cdn

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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