Oracle Empowers Partner Success With Social media & Telemarketing Qualification.

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About Oracle 

Oracle Corporation is associate Yankee transnational technology corporation headquarter in Redwood town California.The corporate primarily focuses developing and selling information computer code and technology, cloud built systems and enterprise computer code products particularly it’s own brand of direction systems.In 2011 Oracle was the second- largest computer code maker by revenue ,Once Microsoft.The company conjointly develops and builds tools for information development and systems of middle -tir computer code ,enterprises resource designing (ERP) computer code ,client relationship management (CRM) computer code  and provide chain management (SCM) computer code.

The Challenges

  • IT trade large Oracle services quite 380000 customer ,as well as a hundered of the Fortune a hundered ,with deployments across a good style of industries in additional than a hundered forty five countries round the globe.The company’s tremendous success is driven in massive half by thousands of Worldwide Channel partners , United Nations agency actively market and sell Oracle’s optimized absolutely integrated stack of business hardware and computer code systems With such an oversized partner network, It absolutely was tough to produce the proper the proper resources to support the numerous sales efforts , notably as partners hold various specialization want to demonstrate their distinctive levels of experience so as to capture & expand business opportunities.Oracle required to be able to pile up partners curious bout specific answers sets and supply the content and selling materials neeeded to plug themselves to prospects a lot of expeditiously and effectively .They needed to actively push partners toward a lot of trendy digital selling strategy, however it absolutely was vital to be able to management Oracle electronic communication and stigmatisation , While not losing the partners own worth in their campaigns .
  • Oracle conjointly require to boost visiblity so as to guage campaign come back on Investment (ROI). They needed to be able to see specifically that resources were getting used and that campaigns got the foremost or thinnest of traction with partners.
  • Such visiblity would permit them to work out what’s operating and what isn’t . so that they may refine their approach higher invest selling funds, strengthen partner engagement, and ultimately  felicitate partners become a lot of self-sustaining .

The Solutions

  • With Zift Solutions , Oracle will currently simple see and live results of their selling efforts , that are spectacular. Oracle Channel partners mistreatment  Zift Solutions are capturing many new leads , as well as over 750 new leads from simply the primary four (4) campaigns.
    An Oracle international partner in sweden recently launched a 10 -email campaign mistreatment  Zift Solutions, That quickly generated ten new hot leads .The partner is far a lot of active on social media due to Zift , that is proving to be a large competitive advantage and and helped the partner double conversion rates . Using Zift, it’s well -tried abundant easier  for the partner to expand their reach mistreatment relevant content  for social media and market on to prospects while not the requirement for extra resources .
    A French partner is presently mistreatment Zift Solutions to broaden their reach by tar getting a U.K. audience and has found that  Zift takes their selling to a brand new level .
    The partner is saving time ,enjoying  however simple it’s to manage and expand social media efforts .Morever,Oracle will see and track the partner selling journey , that has created a lot of cooperative relationship . Oracle is happy by the partner self direction authorized by Zift Solutions .
    Not Solely do they need a lot of leads , Zift support partners in developing a lot of prospective approach for growing their business and also the ablity to be a lot of strategic in their selling efforts.

    The Results

    Oracle selected  Zift Solutions and is currently within the method of constructing Zift Through  partner selling automation (TPMA),as well as email campaigns , social media and content syndication on the market to their international partner Community.
    Today, rather than making an attempt to manage multiple partners singly , all of the fashionable selling tools & techniques partners have to be compelled to launch campaigns , reach dead set prospects leverage social media and Oracle content are on the market from one platform.Partners will simply access and utilize a good array of content and social media post from oracle repurpose or simply customize multitouch email campaigns to nurture customers and drive business.
    When Oracle saw what number leads were being generated by campaigns , they more selling support to a lot of effetively method and score results in gets the most popular opportunities to the sales division as quickly doable.Zift helps Oracle prioritize active leads supported partner interaction and support partners as they move leads and support partners as they move leads through sales method ,providing key insight into the most effective time & ways to follow up with leads .Plus , Oracle will simply see into the partner pipeline to watch lead activity and make sure that qualified leads progress through the funnel to shut.
    Zift Managed services conjointly provides Oracle channel partners with direct access to a team of consultants to assist them execute campaigns ,outline priorities and utilize all of the tools and techniques currently at their disposal for their best results.
    Image Credits:  Oracle 
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