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Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Certification Course Covered In The New Indian Express

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The oldest English daily –The New Indian Express is a flagship publication that incorporates news context referring to several domains and industry areas such as politics, literature, art, travel etc. Amongst them, is the education sector which is wide in itself, wherein they capture some new and not so familiar certification courses. For instances, management certifications, marketing certification in particular domains viz. Contemporary Thinking in Marketing,  Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Professional Marketing etc.

Amongst the aforesaid list, the term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is comparatively less known to people. Most of the people do rely on Google to get the answers to their particular questions, but they probably do not have the basic idea as to what marketing on internet is all about. Basically, Search Engine Marketing or SEM as it is widely known is a form of internet marketing wherein plenty of tools and techniques are used so as to increase the level of visibility on search engines viz. Google, Bing etc.

Often confused with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, SEM is an entirely different concept. So, to help generate awareness about what Search Engine Marketing or SEM is all about, a profound digital marketing training company –Digital Vidya offers both masters and professional certification courses in Search Engine Marketing viz. Certified Search Engine Marketing Masters Course (CSEMM) and Certified Search Engine Marketing Professional Course (CSEMP). They extend their programme structure through online instructor-led trainings wherein industry leaders and SEM experts pave way for the aspiring candidates to step-up and make a mark in this booming sector.

The New Indian Express captured Asia’s leading digital marketing training company –Digital Vidya’s Search Engine Marketing master certification course.  Look into the coverage in the slides below:

Digital Vidya which has carved a niche for itself in the digital marketing domain has been proactively involved in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. So, if you to wish to opt for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) course, then it is highly recommended that you should also have in-depth knowledge on what all SEM tools you can count upon for successful SEM campaigns.

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