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Outsourcing SEO v/s In House SEO

Outsourcing SEO v/s In House SEO

One of the most important and crucial issue for any business is whether they should outsource an SEO Firm or just stick on to hiring a SEO guy? While people think that hiring a guy could be beneficial and comes at cheap prices, there is another side to it. We all know about Google and its strict optimization techniques. Recently the Search Engine has altered its Optimization Algorithms and is adamant to penalize and push the websites to the last search pages that are found to be guilty.  Moreover, the search engine believes that such practices and upgrades leads to fresh data, it indirectly means that SEO guys and firms need to roll up their sleeves and be ready on their toys all the time. The algorithmic changes need modifications on the websites as per the requirements. As a result it is merely the knowledge creativity and the innovative side of the SEO professional will make or break the ranking of your site.

We have pros and cons of both the sides, i.e. In-house SEO and outsourced SEO. Which road you want to take depends upon your requirements. Here is a guide to both hiring options.

In House SEO

While it might me considered to be a feasible option for many to hire a SEO professional or a team of experts, it has several advantages with itself. The benefits of having an In-house SEO are

  • Undivided focus: Your In-house SEO team will focus solely on your website or the project undertaken. They would be using all their knowledge and skills to ensure that your project gets the Best SEO optimization. This means unparalleled attention and does, better results.
  • Expert at your door step: With years of state of art knowledge and experience research professional working for you will be expert in handling almost all the verticals of the search engine optimization and marketing. They will work for you without any compromises and bring the best to your business prominence.
  • Confidential and controlled: While all the research work and operational data remains with the In house SEO professionals, the strategy and marketing campaigns will remain within the organization the data will be on your own and even in case of a new hire the details can be handover to the new one.
  • Quick and smooth: You need not to wait for emails instead everything goes face to face indirect. The process gets transparent and straight forward for you as well as the team.
Disadvantages of IN house SEO
  • Expensive: You need to pay full-time salary and benefits to the SEO professionals.
  • OJTs: No matter how expertise the hired SEO professionals have at some point of time, they will need on the job training which increases the cost.
  • Continuous updates: Search algorithms are unpredictable and gets constant updates and that is why your SEO guy needs to subscribe to the blogs and forums from search industry. It means you need to put added expenses and efforts.

SEO Agencies

Outsourcing and SEO agency to work for you covers all the shortcomings of hiring the search engine guy. Most of the organizations find them beneficial and process centric. Here are some listed benefits:

  • Exposure to industries: SEO firms culminate expert SEO professionals who have a track record of pushing sites ranking to top and thus a wide exposure.
  • Updated always: The SEO firms keep their professionals updated and ahead of search industry latest happenings.
  • Techniques and practice: With their vast industry exposure and experience the experts from Outsourced SEO Agencies know how to make use of latest tools techniques and practices and implement them in the promotional plans that are tailor made to suit your business needs.
  • Switching anytime: You are not restricted to work with a single SEO firm and have the freedom to change the outsourcing firm anytime. Hire only the best and get the flexibility to quit whenever you want.
  • Non-smooth communication as you cannot contact the team as and when you want. This becomes complex sometimes.
  • Complications also arise when security or legal issues rise up, however it happens rarely.

Final Verdict:

Though there is no recommendations to both the aspects, as both have their own list of efficiencies and shortcomings yet, you can take a few steps and ensure smooth SEO for your business ideas.

While you have In House SEO:
  1. Keep the team updated for new changes always.
  2. Send teams workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  3. To keep tabs on expenses, outsource labour-intensive jobs that are not associated with SEO or Content.
While you have Outsourced SEO:
  1. Keep in contact with conferences and know the details every month.
  2. Practice only white hat SEO practices.
  3. See the changes on the site and ask them for monthly reports, deliveries, reports etc.

And as I said, take decision as per your requirements only, budget and timing  and choose the one that won’t make you regret or break your site.

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