An Overview: How Digital Marketing is Capturing Real Estate

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Now a days buyers & sellers both have come online. Whether it is to find listing or answers related to real estate they first want the internet then they go for real estate agents. These days internet become first priority to find out most important information. That’s why it was important to integrate this real estate business with digital marketing so that the related person they can find their needs on hand easily.

Traditional source of marketing like newspaper ads, billboards, television etc. are still in use but to reach out to the potential customers- builders, developers and real estate agents are expanding their networks through internet.

By using this new gateway Digital Marketing real estate business become so popular and commoditized in completely new ways. Due to digital marketing, the real estate business increased in their number of leads by almost 300%. The sellers now have opportunities to convert them as potential buyers for future projects also. From digital marketing this business is achieving greater impact on branding and lead generation.

Why Digital Marketing campaigns are important for real estate?

The number of internet users are increasing day-by-day that the projected revenues for e-commerce business are also increasing in that ratio so it is necessary to show our presence in digital world in an aggressive way. It is giving the higher return on investment as compared to the marketing on TV, radio, print etc. Also,the young generation of the country as well as NRIs are tech savvy so it is easy for them to engage with this marketing type. So ,it is important to dominate this area. Some of the real estate players already getting the result of their digital marketing strategies. For example: Tata Value Homes, they almost sold their 700 homes.

Lets take another example of Godrej properties:- In Gurgaon, Sector104, they sold their 695 apartments in a day. Digital marketing has turned out to be a key factor and attracted many customers turned potential buyers. Girish Shah, VP Sales and Marketing, Godrej Properties, said, “For the last six to eight months, our marketing team has been planning this launch. It has taken a lot of hard work. We have been steadily aligning our marketing strategy with our newly emerging target group, comprising young single people in their late 20s. Earlier, home buyers used to be in their early 40s, but now they comprise young unmarried professionals who are computer savvy. So accordingly, we have shifted our focus to digital marketing.”

Godrej properties are giving 20% of their total marketing budget to digital media. By taking new initiative in this field they launched ‘Live 24/7 Chat’ feature so that the customers can resolve their queries at any point of time. To see the interactive 3D walkthrough of the property the company is focusing on multi touchscreens and an ‘augmented reality app’ about their website.


Online marketing evolves very fast. Every year new techniques are developing in the field of hardwares and softwares and user preferences. So in order to be a successful real estate player they need to be stay updated. They are adopting new strategies to get advantages over their competitors and building their reputation and expertise.


Real estate has a very bright future in digital marketing. By using its features like cost effectiveness, online interaction with customers, easily access etc. they are expanding their market value. These are some points they are taking care of in their business marketing:

  • Website of the Company: This is the foundation of the business. It means this is the only way to gain brand visibility, acquiring prospects. This helps in increasing sales. So the website should be :-

1.) Well Responded Website:-  It should be optimized for not only desktop or laptops but Androids and iOS also. This will increase the ability to reach the maximum potential investors. They should remember that now a days most of the people are checking sites on mobile itself.

2.) Create and Maintain Active Blog :- This is a very efficient marketing tool that can have great impact for social media and a place to communicate with buyers and sellers. Here they give the information about company updates, market news, tips and advices etc.

3.) News about Company :- Sometimes they create a new section which is having the information about company updates, their press releases search results. By this they achieve more user engagements which shows that how much that company is active and growing trust between customers. And one more thing that it is very easy to maintain.

4.) Top Market Reports :- This idea is created to see the analysis, trends and statistics of real estates for the markets you operate in. This includes different types of data points like rentable square foot area, rent prices, vacancy data, absorption rates, transactions etc. To get more leads they highlight it in their website.

5.) Create Videos :- Videos are always very effective way of marketing strategy. By creating videos they tell about their company in better manner. This method helps them to stand out from competitors.

6.) Company Newsletter :- This is an easy and free way to reach out to the potential customers. They build a database of their clients and partners. By the email marketing strategy they send updates about the company through mail to their clients.

7.)Improvised SEO :- An effective SEO strategy helps to generate massive traffic from different types of search engines. They make sure that it generates visibility for targeted keywords related to the business. Today’s most of the potential tenants and investors are searching properties through online searches so they are keeping an eye on SEO.

8.)Analyse Results Regularly :- They analyse their marketing performance at least once in a month with the help of Google Analytics. This helps them to perform better, taking good marketing decisions. If they are not generating traffic then they rethink and take actions accordingly. With, understand Industry Sector quickly through reports, slideshows, tables & figures from Official Sources.

  • ONLINE MARKETING :- After updating and optimizing the website,they do some more things .They boost up their performance ,profile of the brand and site by increasing their exposure through online marketing.

1.) Newsletter launching :- To build the relationship with customers they choose email marketing strategy which provides offers,sales,valuable information, activities going on in the company.This is one of the way to stay in touch with your valuable customers.

2.) Be Active on LinkedIn :- In last few years, LinkedIn has emerges as a platform for the complete professional people. Its 300 million user base consists of about every professional in the finance, real estate, investors, legal fields. It offers engagement related to marketing system with blogging, discussions and searching.

3.) Using Google AdWords :- Google AdWords offers fast, efficient way to reach potential tenants and investors by online, allows to show company services or offers in specific locations in searching.

4.) Running a Remarketing Campaign :- Remarketing allows the company to recapture traffic on their website to whom they have already visited or performed some action on their site by showing targeted ads. Because 90% of the users they only visit the site but don’t take any action then remarketing allow them to do some actions.

5.) Allow to Submit the Content Of the Guest :- Content is effective in two ways. First way, it gets your name and brand on large website. It allows to gain exposure what they do not get it on their website. Second way, they get powerful links to their site. This helps them to generate traffic and has an important SEO value by which they improve their ranking in search engines.

6.) Video Marketing  :- Video marketing is one of the most effective way in digital marketing. People like to see video that’s why it increases engagement rate. Now a days the quality of the video is very high so it gives good impact on users. The company show their interviews, updates, new properties uploaded on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. These three platforms offer highly targeted audiences and increase online reach.

7.) Twitter Marketing :- Last year, Twitter has also launched new marketing tools. It can show specific contents from site, embed images, capture email addresses, do tweets. With the help of these tools they share ideas, events, property updates.

8.) Create and Publish Content :- The best quality content is too much valuable. To grab the attention of people to visit the site the content should be more informative, high quality HD videos, well written blogs, having interesting data facts, infographics. Good contents help them to build trust between audiences and allow to leverage to take other actions as well.


If any real estate company wants to be the best then online marketing is very important as well as in effective way. When they are planned to do online marketing then they should remember one thing that they are going to provide the best value. They should be very careful while giving the information online because they are going to be take part in someone’s very important decisions about home.

Their online strategies should show this desire. While creating the content ,it should be designed in the way, when the user is going to take the decision it would be easier for them to choose. If they actually help the user in searching for desired home then the chances of engagement will increase. At the end, a successful digital marketing strategy will help them to generate and convert more leads into potential clients.

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