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OYYY Used Search Engine Marketing To Reduce Its PPC Cost By More Than 63%

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 12About OYYY

OYYY was an internet reseller of printers, Laptops, Inks, Projectors and other consumer electronic devices and IT products. It had more than 52000 products from 100 leading brands all available for next day delivery. However, from April 1st, OYYY has merged with XMA, a leading IT solutions provider. Hence, all orders should now to be made on rather than The latter is no more. XMA has about 30 years of experience in the UK markets.

Business Objectives Of OYYY / XMA

  • Reduce the cost of PPC campaigns.
  • Increase online sales.

 Strategy / Approaches Adopted By OYYY / XMA

Stickyeyes, a digital marketing agency was hired to achieve the objectives for OYYY. They decided to sharpen and improve the Adwords Campaigns.

  • An in-house tool was developed.
  • Depending on price changes and stock levels, ads were automatically updated.
  • If someone would search for an OYYY product on Google, an ad displaying the product and exact price would appear.
  • If the product was not in stock, the respective ads were not shown.
  • This Dynamic Remarketing Real pricing technology helped in reducing CPC.

 Results Achieved By OYYY / XMA

  • Real pricing tool reduced Cost Per Click from 80p to 29p, a reduction of cost by more than 63%.
  • This was mainly because ads were made to appear only when a product was in stock, preventing wasteful CPC.
  • Real Pricing tool was shortlisted for Econsultancy’s Innovation Awards.
  • The above strategy was being used only on 16,000 products. Plans were to increase the strategy to 38,000 products.


A digital marketing agency if selected with care would always give improved results. They would bring about changes to reduce costs and increase online sales, to finally increase the ROI of the company.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      After reading the post, I find this style of writing the company name – ‘OYYY / XMA’ is not appropriate. OYYY has merged into XMA. Putting a (/) in between two names may confuse the readers. It means either-or. What is the latest name of the agency?

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