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Birthday Wishes and Social Media

When I turned 33 on May 11 last year, I used the statistics on the birthday wishes I received through various platforms – from phone calls to Facebook –  to look at the advantages of digital marketing in my blog post “Can Birthday Wishes teach you the importance of Digital and Social Media?” This year, I gathered even more […]

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Experience of Digital Vidya’s Social Media Bootcamp

Here we are going to present a post by one of the participants of our recently concluded Social Media Bootcamp in New Delhi. Post has been published as it is. In India, with very less alternatives available to get trained in social media, a few social media agencies have taken up that responsibility. Digital Vidya […]

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Twitter Solved the 3 Months Pending Issue in 2 Days – ICICI Bank Manager Came Home!

Do you know that almost every brand is being talked about on Social Media? But it’s only a few companies that are smart enough to listen and respond to their customers. In an organization, from the managing director to the receptionist; from the bank manager to your customers, everyone should be your reputation protectors. A […]

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Why Will People Come to Your Company Facebook Page? (Wall Street Journal)

Communicating the presence of your company Facebook page and keeping users or readers engaged is a second important part of building a company page on Facebook. I had written last week about developing a strategy and an execution plan as a first step. After you’ve identified your community-building objectives and the target audience, the key question to […]

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How to Build a Great Company Facebook Page (Wall Street Journal)

“Does your company have a Facebook page?” It’s a question that most firms, large and small, encounter today. While the question highlights how powerful Facebook has become as an online marketing strategy, it also signals a herd mentality: you must have it if your competitors do. In order to be truly successful in building a live and […]

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Can Birthday Wishes Teach You The Importance Of Digital And Social Media?

With the rapid and ongoing evolution of Social Media, people’s lives have become really digital and social. Here is an interesting example about Birthday Wishes on Social Media highlighting the importance and pervasiveness of Digital Media. This article was not planned and just generated out of the Digital Eye of Pradeep Chopra, the CEO of […]

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Must Watch 20+ Indian Social Media Success Stories

Leveraging social media for business, does it make sense? Some will say yes some will say no. To get an answer for this one, Digital Vidya on Facebook asked people to contribute Indian Social Media case studies to see what brands/organizations/individual have been able to mark a success in it. Along with some great case […]

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If an auto driver can use Digital Marketing then why can’t you?

What we at Digital Vidya aspire people to do is exactly what an auto driver is doing to get customers. Samson, an auto-rickshaw driver from Chennai has set up his own website  www.tuktastic.comwhich not only gets him customer but has also made him the only auto-rickshaw driver within Asia to own a website. It is […]

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