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Panel Discussion On Affiliate Marketing For Lead Based Marketing At India Affiliate Summit 2015

Panel Discussion On Affiliate Marketing For Lead Based Marketing At India Affiliate Summit 2015

India Affiliate Summit 2015, one of the most highly anticipated event is running at a very good pace. Being held in country’s capital, New Delhi at The Lalit on 8th-9th October, in association with the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is the first of its kind.

On day 1, the attendees were preoccupied with the Affiliate Street Affiliate Street which was a premier zone completely dedicated to Affiliate marketers to immerse, converse and disperse insights on performance-based marketing, wherein the street was literally flooded with inquisitive minds to enquire about several concepts revolving around affiliate marketing as a whole. Amongst others was Digital Vidya that marked its presence through its 2 representatives who created the concept of digital marketing for prospects.

Day 2, on 9th October kick-started with the leadership talk on The Influx of New Marketing Paradigms with Focus on Performance, Affiliations, Referrals and Networks! Followed by this was a Panel Discussion on “Importance Of Affiliate Marketing For Lead-Based Marketing Campaigns which was moderated by Pradeep Lamba, Vice President – Client Relations, ZenithOptimedia Group. 

Key pointers talked about at the panel discussion were:

  • How integration of affiliate marketing in a marketing campaign can help brands generate more leads?
  • What is the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in such campaigns
  • Traditional marketing v/s Affiliate marketing – the wiser choice?
  • Role of analytics in Affiliate Marketing

Session moderator, Pradeep began the discussion by mentioning about what is any brand’s thought process while choosing an affiliate marketing technique or product or policy. He posed this question to the panelists present. Furthermore, he also made a mention of the fact that even though times have changed but the fact that leads and sales are still required remains the same. However, the platform is different, multi-screen and multi-purpose concept is cropping up day-by-day. New concepts are turning up by almost every company thus bringing a whole lot to choose from.

He also stated that there are certain common problems that tend to crop up especially when it comes to affiliate marketing the major one being that even though affiliates are great but how to ensure brand control.

Here is what the panelists had to state:

Radhika Binani, Head Online Marketing,

Radhika started off by stating the approach they adopt at She elaborated that their’s is a very focused kind of an approach when it comes to identifying affiliates since last 7 years.

The way they look at affiliates is at different stages and then they work at steady pace at which they focus on and if that can scale up to that level, they get customers responses. If the latter give good response, then the former gets to know the exact level of satisfaction and through their internal level of measurement, they work upon their target volume of affiliates, wherein at least 80% is good as per Google standards. Accordingly, they work upon the CRM leads and thus approach affiliates.

She also stated that their company policy is such that they don’t disclose all details of affiliates. But they do work based upon the dispostions in accordance with the marketing team. So, they go back to converssions and then work upon brand revolution, accordingly.

Robin Samuel, Vertical Marketing Head, NIIT 

Another panelist hailing from a technical background stated that their’s is a brick & mortar kind of model business. When leads get generated, sales should be led focus on, stated Robin. Greater than 50% expenditure is incurred on the affiliate marketing campaigns. Thus, quality of leads is a major driving factor to look upon for them. Additionally, good quality and volume of leads is a major concept that they undertake to work with when it comes to affiliate.

Robin strongly advocated that they are their own analytics. From client’s perspective, it depends upon the agency primarily. He stated that what plays a key component for your campaign is important, as discussion with the affiliate partenrs is what solves the issues.

Furthermore, he advocated that setting up KPI’s for the marketing campaigns is very crucial. Besides that, volume commitment is important especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Kumar Awanish, Associate Vice President- Strategy & Innovation, Kenscio Digital Marketing

They work for a lot of advertisers from the affiliate marketing perspective. He conceptualized about concepts that affect affiliate marketing viz. CPC, cost per acquisition and much more. So, according to him, these are the key tactical parts that are taken into account from affiliate marketing perspective. Also, transparency is important to work upon in these affiliates marketing choices.

Enlisted below are certain tips that he shared with a view to bring upon brand control:

  • It largely depends upon how a brand reacts to it.
  • Which affiliates are working.
  • What is the communication channel.
  • Final stage is optimization of the campaign.

He substantiated through an example of Amazon, in the same regard.

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