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Panel Discussion On Disruptive Trends That Are Changing Trade, Retail, Travel & Lifestyle At TiEcon Delhi 2014

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TiEcon Delhi 2014 started with a new and innovative theme of ‘Abki Baar Disruption’, where a lot of speakers spoke about different new trends coming up and its impact on different industries. During all the sessions, prime focus was the theme and all the discussions were revolving around various disruptive trends.

During the complete conference, one of the sessions led by panel of experts viz. Ashish Goel, Founder & CEO, Urban Ladder; Suchi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, LimeRoad; Peyush Bansal, EO & Founder, Lenskart; Mithun Sacheti, CEO, Caratlane; accompanied by Arvind Singhal, Chairman, Technopak (who helped in bringing the insights from the speakers available in the panel), justified its theme completely.

During this session, speakers had their views on how disruptive trends can change trade, retail, travel and lifestyle industries. Few insights from the speakers are mentioned below:

Ashish Goel, Founder & CEO, Urban Ladder

As per Ashish, their company tries to solve problems and pains which their customers possess. Furniture has remained unchanged since long so the opportunity for them was to fundamentally change what human speak about and how is their lifestyle.

As per him, what make people visit you again and again is a great brand and not discounting on your products. It is the trust and a positive attitude towards it brand from its customer which helps in bringing them back to the same brand. Urban Ladder is not discounting because for them, the consistency of price and quality product matters and not discounting on something which is not worth the price.

The tip given by Ashish to the coming entrepreneurs during the session was, ‘Don’t try to be who you are not!’ As per him, it is the unique ideas of an individual which brings success to him/her.

Suchi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, LimeRoad

Suchi clearly stated that she doesn’t think about the market share or revenue but wish to see what people are getting. For her what matter is that, is she learning everyday? And as per her, if you fail then that is disruption.

During the session, she shared what she feels about success. In the discussion, she told that just a day before TiECon Delhi 2014, her company did 12x more then previous week but she wasn’t happy about it; however, she was happy about the learnings which she got.

She also shared an example that there are women whose parents don’t allow them to leave small towns; hence, their company started an initiate. They started a personal space for the online users. It is their scrapbook which users can create sitting anywhere across the globe. Thus, in this way women who can not leave their towns can still have their scrapbook uploaded from their place.

Peyush Bansal, CEO & Founder, Lenskart

As per Peyush Bansal, he started his journey when he came to know that 40% people at Indian population are blind; however, 80% of them could be saved from dropping their eyesight power, if given right set of specs.

It was then when this idea of Lenskart popped up in his mind. He then thought, ‘Can we make buying of specs easily available across the world at the most affordable prices?’ After this, there was no looking back for Peyush and Lenskart.

Mithun Sacheti, CEO, Caratlane

Mithun has a complete different story for disruption altogether. He told that he was into a family business where they were growing slowly. He then decided to use internet as a tool and e-commerce helped him and his company to target his customers very well.

This was disruption for him and his company. However, as per him it was always like riding on the sword as he keep on thinking about whether his products are delivered to his customer on time and with perfection. He told that since he is into jewelry business and ‘Dhanteras’ (A Hindu festival, when people buy a lot of new things including jewelry for themselves) is arriving, so last night also he was thinking that how they can get all the things delivered on time.

Mithun thus, depicts the true picture of a real dedicated entrepreneur.

This panel discussion on disruptive trends that are changing in trade, retail, travel & lifestyle changed the complete mindset about disruption in various industries, of all the participants who witnessed it. It was a complete insightful discussion from the industry leaders itself and threw light on real world of disruption.

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