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Panel Discussion on Expansion Strategies For Affiliate Marketers at India Affiliate Summit, 2015

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Designed specifically to enhance the Affiliate market-place in India, The India Affiliate Summit 2015 is one of the much awaited events among all the affiliate marketers. Taking place in India for the first time, The India Affiliate Summit 2015 is an appropriate platform for prospective Affiliate Marketers.

It is a two-day Affiliate Summit based on the evolution of Affiliate Marketing In India, held at The Lalit, New Delhi on 8th and 9th October 2015. The event will majorly focus on various essentials of affiliate marketing for your business, which includes affiliate networks, affiliate and brand targeting in India. Also, the event is beneficial for students who are planning to make their career in affiliate marketing, as the conference will also focus on the educational courses provided by various institutes to learn and understand the niche of Affiliate Marketing.

Day 1 i.e. 8th October, was a premiere set-up that connected more than 1500 delegates and 500 companies at a time. Among several affiliates Digital Vidya was also present there to build networks and put forth information about digital marketing as a whole. Day 2 i.e. 9th October is running a set of panel discussions, leadership talks, and case studies by renowned speakers and industry leaders.

Amongst them a panel discussion on Expansion Strategies For Affiliate Marketers was conducted with full zeal and enthusiasm. The panel discussion which was moderated by Siddharth Puri had the following panelists to discuss upon the Expansion of Affiliate Strategies;

Shaan Raza OMG

“Considered as a “Black box” in earlier times, Affiliate marketing networks are now becoming more transparent with time”, states Shaan Raza. Affiliate marketing is a welcoming approach in today’s era. Marketer should go through the agencies carefully, but the agencies should be clear with the concept of Affiliate Marketing and its strategies.

Shaan Raza, puts light on the on the emerging trend of “Media Buyers”, which is streaming websites these days. According to her, approximately 30-35-40% cashback websites are being followed by coupon marketing. As the companies are spending from their pockets, they demand speedy feedback and rapid revenue growth in Affiliate Marketing.

Optimize Robert Bu, Vice President of Business Development

With a major hike in the smartphone users in India, mobile marketing is trending these days. According to the last year’s graph; from the 90% of the total internet users in India 50% are the mobile internet users. According to Robert Bu, Mobile Marketing is scoring heavily in India. He believes that most of the revenue these days is increasing through mobile internet. 70% of the Facebook users in India are using their mobile and is making the most of the traffic through mobile internet. Mobile is highly beneficial in the overall growth of marketing.


The Eco-system of affiliate marketing has completely changed. Agencies now have come to a point where they find many other options beyond google. Gets enhanced traffic, by introducing channels through affiliates. Vikram says, “We are too very google heavy”. Though as per now, the agencies have understood the importance of affiliate marketing and how it plays an important role in the growth and expansion of any business effectively.


“More and more media buyers are buying media” says Daniel.Mobile affiliate marketing plays a vital role in the current world of marketing. It majorly helps in the market education of affiliate marketing. More of traffic is also getting generated through emails. Also, there is a wide range of apps available on google ads that are achieving visibility on regular basis.

Daniel believes that market today is a bit matured. Facebook is making it cost-efficient, which provides a big opportunities for companies to grow tremendously.

Hope the insight information by the leading speakers will help you to get an overview on how to extract strategies for your Affiliate Marketing Campaign.

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