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Panel Discussion On Internet Of Things: Emerging Business Models At The 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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Internet is that lifeline without which nothing seems possible. Isn’t it? But what if internet allows to interconnect all your devices to make your tasks more easy? Have you given a thought to it? The panel discussion on Internet of Things: Emerging Business Models organized by the Internet and Mobile Association Of India (IAMAI) enlightened the audience on how interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing internet infrastructure can ease the concepts. This is nothing but Internet Of Things (IOT), which if leveraged upon in the right direction can bring about the desired results and create wonders.

The session moderator Lloyd Mathias, Marketing Head – India, PPS, Hewlett-Packard brought up interesting concepts on how the interconnection of the embedded devices inclusive of smart objects will usher in the new era and help to automate almost everything.

Tarun Malik, Director & Head, Media Solutions Center & Cloud Services, South West Asia, Samsung

Samsung’s Media Solutions Centre and Cloud Services Director Head asserted that by 2017, every Samsung device will get virtually connected. Starting from basics like homes it will turn into smart city and likewise other devices. Interestingly, he pointed out the fact that a common man will not understand technical jargons like IOT. Instead, he will be interested to know how to use the devices virtually, things like monitoring house from office etc.

He coined up the concept of single sign on which will bring it to the table. Moreover, propagating his brand and associating it with the IOT, he said that Samsung is at every house so they are very bullish in customer experience.

The transition phase has come, there were just simple devices like refrigerators etc., but now they have become smart like have sensor motions. Stating further he said that TVs have become smart, they have become big screens. Now, these smart devices can share data through an application layer which is intuitive to shift the information with a robust ecosystem. This is a large step for consumer electronic products.

The crux is that world wants simplicity and ease of info. They want to converge to single wallet or passbook. So, essentially the company is looking at converging the world to one device.

C. Rama Krishna Reddy, Chief Executive Officer, Spoors Technology Solutions

The CEO of a four and a half year old start-up firm, C. Rama Krishna shared his thoughts by putting forth the fact that there is a transition phase witnessed in the flow of information system. This is from technological information, which has moved from unidirectional to bidirectional i.e. from only collecting information, the concept has shifted from collecting and reacting only through Internet of Things (IOT).

In India, it is found that people using devices jumped from 2% to13% and is anticipated to reach 25%.  The device cost has come down, bandwidth has enabled great result and the credit goes to Internet of Things.

Awita Badonia, IT (CSM) Director India, Alcatel-Lucent

Another panelist on the discussion panel quoted that the perception of Internet of Things (IOT) is that we are at very naïve stage. It is just now that the user acceptance has come. For instance, users have become acquainted and comfortable with online shopping portals like Flipkart quiet recently. This clearly indicated that business models are thus evolving based on the IOT. However, bandwidth, security concerns are some of the major areas on which these business models need to focus on.

She stated that IOT will evolve in the following areas:

  • Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Smart homes

But, inter operateability will give limited access. Moving on she stated that life cycle of the product will be a crucial process wherein somebody can earn and customer will gain the benefits and that stage will come. So, the family of products will get interconnected as the data will get further aggregated to one level where one collaborator will forward to others.

Jagdish Mitra, Head – Mobility Business & Large Deals, Tech Mahindra

He stated that there is a huge opportunity for everyone including Indian IT services considering that no one has got huge opportunity. M to M services have been leveraged upon well, just-in-time (JIT) using sensors, cement mixing and other bigger areas have been chosen for solution providing companies. You have to pick the one that you think makes the difference to support the business model.

The analytics behind Internet of Things behind it matters the most and due to it lesser challenges are being faced. Saving water and electricity resources are the biggest areas which are being done. The biggest challenge is to provide secured information available. Service providers like them will opt for engineering for software solutions; will start to move into partnership with hardware companies. And that is the change that he is seeing.

Also, utilities should be targeted, water scarcity problems should be tackled and issues of electricity on roads should be redirected to the darker areas of the country. So, basic infrastructure should be worked on to highlight the concept of IOT.

Sandeep Sibal, Country Manager & VP – Business Development, Qualcomm India & South Asia

Earlier there were so many PC’s, then came mobile phones which gave internet a boost. Moreover, size of smartphones multiplied as compared to PC’s. The total world population which is 7.2 million can reflect the number of mobile phone users and so does the internet space.

Currently, the computing power is expensive so value propagation and allocation of resources should be changed.

Also, he pointed out that the vast ecosystem should come down to commonality. For this challenges at different levels like sensors that communicate to cloud and someone computing at the edge, have to be catered to.

Certain areas have 2G, 3G or 4G and some might not even have connections. So, the IOT is what should be figured out at the right level and right time to reach out to the users accordingly.

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