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Panel Discussion On Smart Re-Targeting At Mobile Internet Conference

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Mobile Internet Conference is a great opportunity to understand various aspects of Mobile Internet and VAS industry. This platform helped participants to identify its changing trends. This conference depicted myriad key elements of identifying challenges of VAS industry. It contributed in enhancing the overall growth of the industry.

This panel discussion was hosted by Narayan Murthy Ivaturi, VP – Global Sales (E-commerce & Brands), Vserv. As per him, mobile is driving more and more revolution in India and due to the huge geographical challenges, the influence of mobile and mobility devices is surely credible.

Key takeaways from the panelist in the panel discussion are highlighted below:

Sachin Kapur (Head Marketing APAC Emerging Markets, Groupon)

One of the panelist Sachin Kapur (Head Marketing APAC Emerging Markets, Groupon) shared his views on re-targeting mobile internet marketing:

  • Sachin was going through the research and he asserted to what another panelist Rahul. The latter said that the major barrier in entering in e-commerce is funding as already there are major biggies in the industry.
  • He also said that there is an opportunity to connect offline consumption to online.
  • For Groupon, it was the second revolution in e-commerce to capture the local market.
  • He also said that Groupon got maximum traffic from mobiles.
  • During the weekend, e-commerce reflects a dip in the sales but, now mobiles have taken over and that is the place where opportunity lies.
  • Sachin shared his experience where Groupon offered an eye surgery online and they were expecting that they will be able to sell only 1 or 2 surgeries; however,63 eye surgery through groupon were sold, which was incredible.
  • Sachin further shared that once in in a book store, he was checking the prices of a book online and when he talked to store person that this is cheaper online and an ecommerce site is offering 20% discount on same book, then store personnel replied, “Hey! I will give you 20% discount as well, buy it from here.” So, offline retailers also don’t want to leave you as a customer and are in competition with you completely, Sachin added.
Rahul Narwekar (Founder & CEO, NDTV Ethnic Retail)

Another panelist, Rahul Narwekar (Founder & CEO, NDTV Ethnic Retail) shared his side of the story:

  • Rahul shared that demand is huge and shared that he was on  a call with someone at California and he said “Sir! Market mein to Aag lagi hai”.
  • If Rahul had to take on e-commerce, he does not think that anyone had the resources to take-off from Flipkart’s or Amazon’s etc.
  • He added that one can sell Armani in Big Bazaar. In Delhi there is Emporio, Prominade and Ambience but there is gap in between to segregate them. 
  • In FashionAndYou, the majority of the customers belonged to North East as they are very fashionable.
  • Time has gone when people used to feel that touch of the product. 
  • People know Neet Lulla or Sabyasachi, so they know that what kind of product they are delivering.
  • Rahul added that one need to have a completely different DNA to target the customers through mobile internet marketing.
Manav Sethi (Group Head-Marketing, Head-Digital Product , Business Head, ASKME Free ads)

To share his views and experience, another panelist Manav Sethi, (Group Head-Marketing, Head-Digital Product , Business Head, ASKME Free ads) threw light upon the following facts:

  • From consumption stand point, e-commerce is creating more choices for consumers.
  • Manav shared that as per their analysis and understanding on industry, this entire eco-system has long way to go.
  • There are 900 million voice consumers so ASKME have created Pan India voice call facility where customers have an option for users to get connected and find out the suitable product with suggestions. If customer is comfortable with it, they get connected with nearest store on call itself and transaction get done from there itself. So, as per Manav it as huge market and ASKME belive completely in leveraging the same.
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