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Panel Discussion On Using Analytics For Customer Connect On Mobile And Internet At Mobile Internet Conference

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With the frequent use of smart phones every now and then has bestowed some great opportunities for the telecom industry. This is so because, now-a-days, every user is just one click away from his/her dreams and desires to get fulfilled. Furthermore, it has been seen that users believe in portability and enjoy fulfilling their dreams in a single click.

Mobile Internet Conference clearly focuses on how analytics work for connecting customers through mobile and internet. It clearly indicates that both the platforms act as a wide platform for the marketers to exercise their marketing activities and leverage the same to the fullest.

Ambrish Bajaj, Head of Mobile,

One of the panelist Ambrish Bajaj, Head of Mobile, shared his experience on mobile and internet affects in connecting with the customers.

As per Ambrish, mobile has been a roller coaster ride for Jabong. He says, there are different set of complexities between mobile app users, and mobile web users and the nature of complexity in app is little different. Since, the complexities are different so, when analytics comes in picture and help Jabong Team to decide. Ambrish further shared that around 35 to 45 % of their users are coming from Opera. As per him, search is very high level of intending.

Ambrish share some great examples and experience. He told that app in terms of conversion rates are much higher in comparison to websites, which means people browse a lot on a website but still conversion rate is less. So, one efficient way which they found was ‘Sorting’. Their Sorting algorithm takes inputs from what people are clicking on their catalogue page. Now by the nature of these platforms, the amount of click data that their website is going to give them is much larger than what my mobile product give them because for less number of clicks they are getting more business on my mobile in comparison to desktop.

However, since the click data of desktop was much higher than mobile it means that the algorithm which they used to sort their catalogue is getting biased from the clicks on their desktop, which actually converts less. What it means is that, they need to rethink in a way that they should be doing justice to their mobile customers, who want to click less.

It must be a matter of fact that, it is harder to spend a lot of time on mobile because of space etc. and what companies are doing is that they are giving a significant weight to the device or the nature of traffic that is getting generated and help in deciding on everything from the way they sort the catalogue, from the way they perform as search etc.

Vivek Jain, Chief Product Officer, & Head, Naukri FastForward Business

Another panelist, Vivek Jain, Chief Product Officer, & Head, Naukri FastForward Business, threw light upon how he started-off his journey in the field of Analytics. Vivek stated that they started the analytics journey around 7-8 years ago, wherein they focused on conversions, customer value modelling, telesales etc.

He even said that it has been a 5 years journey and now they decided to go into the periphery of business and to the core heart of the business, which is understanding what the job seekers and recruiters look for. For him, it was long 5 years journey where they analyzed what actually brand manager is looking for or recruiters looks for, when they are looking for a particular position. However, this journey took a turn when they leveraged Mobile marketing.

The company witnessed 50% jump in recommendation page and that through the mobile app. As per Vivek, “People are looking for much fresher content on phone. It is very interesting pattern in term of behavior. A good amount of traffic was fetched from 7AM in the morning till 9PM at night.” Interestingly, they noticed that the changes which they did in their app increased the rating by the customers.

As per Vivek, analytics is a huge platform in personalization in comparison to mobile on one and one basis.  According to Vivek, as per his own experience, personalization is the goal which everyone should aim for because it gives you enormous value not just in terms of acquisition, but as well as engagement and retaining of your customers.

Aroon Kumar, Vice President- Marketing & Social Media, Valuefirst Digital Media

Aroon said, “We are digital engagement company and what we do in terms of analytics is that we use some very advanced analytics tools.” Arron further added that recently, they did a campaign for an ecommerce giant in Bangalore, where that company was facing a problem, that customers were not coming to their app to do any set of transactions and there were no revisits so, through analytics Valuefirst Digital Media, were able to find out that relevant engagement was really missing with the customers. So, they started doing engagement activities with their customers on their behalf and started offering discounts etc., which really worked. Hence, analytics played a major role to figure out the problem.

Anurag Patnaik, Senior Vice President- Product, Vserv

Anurag Patnaik said that they use data analytics in multiple ways. One, is to create unified view of online targeted customer and second, we mine our own primary ad data.Anurag further added that they have noticed 6 to 8 times growth rate out of which 6 times was in ecommerce and 8 times was in mobile. So as per him, from marketer’s perspective it is important to look at the funnel.

Anurag says that, there is a lot of data flowing in mobile ecosystem. That data gets used very effectively in RTP systems so, if you are not participating in mobile ecosystem effectively, then it is a major loophole.

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