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Being a Digital Marketing training platform, Digital Vidya has been accredited to render in-depth research-based knowledge of digital marketing and its several domains thus, acquainting the candidates on how to leverage it for better growth prospects across different industries. The most looked-up certification course i.e. the Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course which is a 6-months online instructor-led programme caters to the needs of not only sales and marketing professionals but also entrepreneurs, digital marketers as well as students to accelerate the growth in the professional careers.

Over the 5 years of its existence in the digital marketing industry, Digital Vidya has received numerous testimonials, but some are truly worthy of sharing with everybody. In the same frame of light, we wish to share what one of our Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course’s participant Sameer Salvi has experienced over the 6-months long association with us:

20150201_224110Hi…I am Sameer Salvi & this is my journey from being a marketing enthusiast to complete marketing professional.

Since the beginning of my educational career I was very fascinated by marketing world which drived me to pursue my Graduation (BBA) & MBA both in the field of Marketing after which I climbed my ladder from an executive to Sr.manager . But still I felt something was missing. In this 21st century when the whole world was going digital, I was nowhere near to have digital marketing knowledge. It was time for me to step in the new world of marketing.

After doing research for few days and having a word with my senior colleague I shortlisted 3 options to learn digital marketing. Started having conversation with each & every sales representative of the institutes, each of them proving to be the best in the industry. But when I spoke to Vaibhav Kakkar he only said & promised me one thing “After completing this course from Digital Vidya I would learn & gain a lot because I would be trained by the best in the business and most importantly would not regret my decision”. (Digital Vidya proved my instincts right by taking over one of the institute which I had shortlisted for learning digital marketing in May 2015.) Well, I trusted Vaibhav’s words and took admission for Certificate in Digital Marketing Masters Course (CDMM) in the last week of Nov’2014. My journey was about to begin & was super excited about it..

My journey started with E-mail Marketing by Trainer – Nithyanandan Ramakrishna, even after using email services for many years, I never thought that email marketing would be so vast & highest ROI tool for any business. It actually helped me understand the idea behind several promotional & marketing emails I received in my mailbox daily.

Then came another module- Web analysis which was taught by Trainer – Satyam Gambhir. Well, marketing research & analysis had always thrilled me from the very beginning and Web Analytics module just took me to new higher level altogether. I got so influenced by the topic & the trainer that I have decided to go a extra mile and appear for GAIQ exams.

Next module, Search Engine Optimization by Trainer: Rajeev Kumar. I had always used search engines for searching anything & everything but the real backend process of how the different searches happen & how beneficial is SEO for getting your website a higher rank which would give a better visibility & greater chance of getting leads & business was easily taught by Rajeev.

Inbound Marketing module was taken up by trainer– Manuj Bajaj. Inbound marketing was very interesting session where I understood how small-small things matter a lot in digital marketing and how it helped in getting people’s attention to exactly where we want to. Now ,I look at every website & start evaluating it on their call-to-action basis and give rankings on my own.  It’s fun to do so now…

Another interesting module was Social Media Marketing Trainer: Prateek Shah, Well this module changed my entire mindset towards all the social media channels. Normally, people use social media just to stay in touch with friends & have fun, but Prateek taught us how it can be actually used in growing business  by staying connected to everyone. Social media is not the same to me anymore it has added more value to me than before. All thanks to Prateek..

My last session was of Search Engine Marketing training by Reema Prasanna. Reema actually made me an Engineer in digital marketing by teaching how to make ads for different social media platforms and search engines. By the last assignment, I was so confident on taking up a live project which I did and was very much successful in my first attempt.

Apart from all the different modules and mind blowing faculties I was also in a treat of learning industrial knowledge by various experts through webinars. I was lucky enough to attend more than 15 webinars till date & have accessed more than 10 webinar recordings which have given me immense practical knowledge.

Words would not be enough to explain how much Digital Vidya has added value to me..with all due respect, credit goes to Pradeep Chopra & Kapil Nakra for starting Digital Vidya at the first place and having such brilliant people onboard which truly adds the value to the entire package.

Well, apart from the trainers, all the session coordinators (Neha, Pooja, Ajay, Pritpal & Deepak) & Technical team were brilliant in providing help whenever needed. I still remember 25th April when extra classes on YouTube was going on that’s when the devastating earthquake took place twice. We all experienced it live during our classes. That was one experience which would never be forgotten.

Well I can confidently say that I have covered and learned all the aspects of Traditional & Digital Marketing, though I will be upgrading my knowledge every time given a chance by my mentors I can confidently stand in a crowd and say that I have been certified by India’s best & Finest Digital marketing Institute…Digital Vidya, which would certainly help me in growing up the ladder in my career & finding new opportunities to be successful.

We would like to thank Sameer, for making our day! It is this sense of satisfaction that keeps making us grow stronger everytime. Here is the certificate of completion that Digital Vidya has accredited Sameer with upon successful completion of CDMM course.

CDMM certificate-Sameer Salvi

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