People Centric Marketing – Create Impact by Putting People First : Webinar Recording

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In a world full of people hailing from different backgrounds and fields, it is important to realize the needs of one and all. This is important especially for marketers to study the market carefully and thus assess the trends, accordingly so as to excel in the domain. Moreover, in this mobile-driven world, it is equally important be swift with the changing demands of the consumers as they are abreast with what is the latest happening.
In the same frame of light, Sakhee Dheer, Head of Digital, Global Business Marketing – Asia Pacific, Facebook shared some thoughtful insights during a live webinar on how to understand “People-Centric” Marketing and pull the target audience.
Let’s have a look at the key learnings from the session:

Key Takeaways:

  • Up to 47% value of a video campaign is delivered in first 3 seconds. Wile up tp 74% value in first 10 seconds. So, be crisp, be related to what the consumer is looking for.
  • Capture the attention of the target audience by focusing on the user and not on the device. More importantly, capture the attention QUICKLY!
  • Shift from push strategy and have people come to your business.
  • Have a content creation strategy to deliver the messages more strongly.
  • Always be driven by consumer insights! This is possible when you carefully listen to your customers.
  • Understand-

a.) what drives customers what engages them, what are

b.) what engages them

c.) what are their needs

d.) what is the one thing which will make them stop everything and listen to you

  • Have focus groups, do studies and surveys by asking questions, and testing your previous campaigns.
  • Always do something new and innovative to keep the engagement on.
  • Do not wait for the purchase to intent, instead create the purchase intent. For this, you have to reach out to the customers.
  • In the multi-device world:

a.) Be Authentic,

b.) Be Present,

c.) Be Connected – On social platforms like Facebook

d.) Be Searchable – On search engines like Google

c.) Be Inspiring – like people on LinkedIn

d.) Be Visual – on platforms like Instagram

e.) Be Real-time – on interactive platforms like Twitter

f.) Be Relatable – on YouTube

Thus, the ultimate goal should find your basis to build the campaign as per the “People-Centric” plan. In a nutshell, wit the right focus…. measure, learn and optimize your campaign by Thinking People First!

Hope this webinar added to your knowledge on how to identify ‘People’s needs’. To attend more such webinars and learn from the recordings, stay updated with the upcoming and trending webinars.

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