Pepe Jeans Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Generate 48% Growth In Customer Engagement Online

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PepeAbout Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans is a well renowned fashion brand based in London. It has a global presence and there are high chances that you will be amazed by finding some really nice formal and casual wears for both the genders.

Business Objective Of Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans wanted to have a strong presence on social media especially Facebook. In 2013, it enjoyed millions of fans online but something was still missing. This something was nothing but the customers who could not connect with Pepe Jeans due to their lack of understanding or familiarity with English language, for example, the customers in France, Mexico and the non-English speaking regions. The company wanted to engage its fans all over the world in a healthy and meaningful manner.

The main challenge before the company to fulfill its objective was to integrate its marketing strategies with the social media. It did the following 2 things-

  • It instructed its marketing department to use social media optimally and see it as an integral part of marketing strategy
  • To make the content well targeted to its country specific fans made use of the regional languages in its social media communications
  • It sought the ways out to use the wide variety of available content in the form of a video, copy, campaign etc.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Pepe Jeans

The following were the few steps that Pepe Jeans followed to attain its objectives-

  • It came up with country specific company pages that showed the content in their language. This strategic step helped Pepe jeans to connect with its fans by communicating in their language and encouraging them to air their opinions about the brand. If there was no country specific page, then, the user would be automatically directed to the international page showing content in English language.
  • The company hired native speakers and translators who could communicate with the users online in their language.
  • There was a special social media team put on work to engage actively with the fans in more than 20 countries in as many as 12 different languages through blogs, contests, comments etc.
  • It planned its ad campaigns well before the season and posted them on Facebook to generate a over-whelming response.
  • It migrated to Nuke Suite to manage well all its activities on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Results Achieved By Pepe Jeans

The company obtained the following results-

  • 48% growth in engagement on an active company page
  • 70% hike in comments on the posted content
  • Facebook fan community grew up to an appreciable number of 2.5 million
  • 34% growth in web traffic, brand awareness and sales in just 6 months, all this without spending significantly on Facebook paid media.


If a business wants to enjoy a robust online presence and a good rapport with its fans from different backgrounds, it must brainstorm about new ways of engaging them. As per the human psychology, the best way to connect with a human being is to be like him. The mother tongue being the most important part of a person’s identity is a sure shot way to build a mental connection with him/her as he/she then gets a feeling that you genuinely want to connect to them.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    The entire post is well articulated, except the ‘objectives’ section. Lets be very cautious in writing the portion. If the reader is confused there or diverted towards problems and challenges, then he/she may lose interest in reading further.

  2. Nikhita Reddy

    Good post.The case study was explained in a detailed and understandable way. Very Informative post, it really shows how Pepe Jeans used SEM to increase their customer engagement online.Business objective was also explained in a good way.

  3. Rahul Singh

    Very Good post Niharika, I really like the learnings part specially.


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