Pepsi India #PepTalk Celebrated Millennial Spirit During #CWC2015

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Popular beverage giants Pepsi has made long lasting impact in past decade, influencing new generation and holding top stop in market with new ideas and techniques. The brand communication is to connect with the impulsive generation that believes in “living in the moment”. The brand’s millennial spirit is high decibel ‘Live it abhi’ campaign launched last year with a Cricket Super Star Record Breaker Virat Kohli which was great and successful campaign.

In ICC World Cup 2015 Pepsi got the great opportunity to redefine ‘Live it abhi’, urging consumers to live for the moment, and give a try to stuff they really want to do. Pepsi launched a TVC named ‘Time to dikhao #LiveItAbhi’ featuring brand ambassadors Indian Test Captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood Super Star Ranbir Kapoor. Interestingly, Anushka Sharma Virat’s girlfriend in real life also plays a tiny but significant role in the end.

The Concept of 1 minute-long ad was shooting in a stadium where team India is playing and Ranbir cheering India from audience or spectators stand. When Virat hits a six the ball is caught by Ranbir who takes a moment to realize that all eyes are on him. Seizing the opportunity for a little fame, he breaks into a song and dance that soon flops and we see Virat mocking at him. A boy from stand yells at Ranbir that he flopped, but Ranbir replies with a positive answer that ‘At least I tried’.

Right after this Anushka Sharma pops in and asks Ranbir to call her after embarrassing moment.

The above video has received over 1.8 million views on Pepsi India’s YouTube channel. From sharing the video to the social media pages of Pepsi India, this enabled brand conversations around cricket world cup.

Yahi line, yahi length, yahi hai moment #LiveItAbhi #PepTalk #CWC15

Objectives of the #PepTalk Campaign:

The social media campaign for “Pep Talk” for the brand Pepsi had following objectives:

  • Awareness – To start any cricket season Pepsi always bring something new! This CWC2015 was something special.
  • Marketing – Pepsi’s strategy was simple it urged the consumers to have a drink and live the moments of life.
  • New Potential Consumers – To create a wave in market by connecting with impetuous generation who all believe in living the present moment. This Campaign also boosted in sales by increase in consumers.

#PepTalk Cricket Gyaan Contest

Pepsi encouraged cricket fans to participate in PepTalk – writing witty remarks aimed at the cricketers that will nudge them to perform better. The beverage brand has been inviting people to share their cricket knowledge and desire via #PepTalk for a chance to win Flipkart vouchers for the most witty, humorous and creative cricket gyaan talks.

#PepTalk was open on all social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Which means anyone can post tweets, images, videos, comments on any of the networks adding the hashtag #PepTalk. To drive user participation, Pepsi brought in cricket crazy characters like the village tau, the taxi driver and the urban Peter to give #PepTalks to our men in blue. Apart from daily Flipkart vouchers, the grand prize was chance to go for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to spin the coin or toss in Australia.

Apart from these videos Pepsi also shared witty visuals and celebrated key moments of the World Cup matches. Every time the Indian team took a wicket or scored a ton, Pepsi has shared interesting visuals.

Living it Abhi Campaign Overview

Pepsi has leveraged this World cup cricket season for strengthening its brand philosophy of ‘Live it abhi’. Right from the TVC to the social media activities, the brand has been actively encouraging cricket fans to indulge in the ‘Now’. Youth icons like Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli have been strongly instrumental in shaping the brand voice in the new TVC, while the extension on social media is also reflective of the brand philosophy with real time updates during the matches. This created a wave on social media throughout the tournament and also boosted their sales as well.

#PepTalk also ensured fan engagement across all social media channels armed with the love for cricket and an opportunity to witness the historic toss. The brand has created fun engagement and also triggered brand conversations blended with cricket, with the help of witty images and videos.


This campaign is the best example to create wave of marketing through social media. Pepsi is doing great in our country compared to its competitors. This giant beverage brand has always made it a point to leverage every cricket season with its interesting campaigns. It has the best brand ambassadors from the two most popularly followed categories – Cricket and Bollywood. For brand like Pepsi that has the budgets to give to the best agencies in the country. Pepsi always want win-win situation but still managed to provide a large platform and a chance to fame for new generation.

Image Credits: Pepsi India

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