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Emerged into 2007, is a service provider of VoIP and digital communication to cater small businesses which was previously not available to them. offered the best prices on VoIP phone service, with over 40 standard PBX features and award-winning support.  Company has won a notable Stevie Award for its customer service in 2008. Apart from this, there are several more Elite Awards in Petty. Business Objective:

Likewise other business or company, business objective was to become undisputed leader in providing digital communication to small business. Becoming world’s most convenient self service communications platform to cater small business and entrepreneurs was on top in the list of

Approach adopted by

In order to grow further and cater to its desired sets and subsets of customer, identifying and understanding the target audience was a great need, and to fulfil it, a need of effective SEO Strategy was required. The approach encompassed the engagement of primary target audiences of residential and business user more strongly and deeply. very new online presence required customer to get themselves engaged and can access the desired information easily that would ultimately guide the targeted customer toward an easy signup process. The approach also architected in such a way that it would also be educating target audiences about the benefits of VoIP. Additionally it would also be speaking to their target audience about the vast array of feature and package bundled. So in order to build a brand, a strong, simple and relevant logo was rolled out to solve this purpose. A WordPress-themed website was created to enable quick and manageable content access. The entire look and feel of the website was executed by using a visual hierarchy with uncluttered typography and clean colours. The Home page was designed with two colour coding. Both the colour was a significance of its group of customers. As green was representing Residential customers whereas Blue was representing Business customers, to cater both the audiences and provide quick, intuitive and user friendly access into the site.

Result achieved by

With continuous underlying, rigorous effort and with the help of effective SEO Strategy, the traffic on the website started increasing exponentially. The new themed, user friendly and double coloured website reflected its impact amazingly and resulted in attracting new site visitor and thereby increased the website visits by 292%. This exponential increase in site visit was tremendous and worth notable and admirable. SEO strategy not only attracted new visitor but also increased its page views per visit by 138% thereby resulting in more customer engagement over every pages of website. Additionally the conversion rate was also appreciated by 132% as an effective result driven by SEO strategy.


Although was very innovative and was into catering VoIP and related service to Small medium enterprises and has many service of the phone packed with tremendous feature that could assist business to become more efficient, productive and mobile but lack of awareness within the target audience was resulting into stagnancy of the business or we could say that the business or services was not performing up to its mark. To overcome it the website was redesigned to keep on customer engaged in addition to colour significance which were symbolising different subset of targeted markets. In addition the website rejoiced its new look and feel. The website was decluttered and given high visual hierarchy. It Reflects how SEO campaign enable a company to reach its potential buyer and to increase its conversion rate, website visits and page views per visit. Also it helped the company to cater its targeted audience, build a brand image and a strong rapport in customer mindset.

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