Photowall Used Search Engine Marketing To Gain 700% Increase In ROI

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Photowall, an interior design company, headquartered in Sweden and a leading brand in the Scandinavian interior market, wanted to not only enter the UK market but also acquire a significant market share. As per the Swedish standards, they are a leading brand for murals and canvas prints and their products claim to be environmental friendly and fire retardant.

Photowall’s Business Objectives

Photowall’s key business objective was to make a successful entry in the UK market by targeting the right audience. The UK interior designing market was already dominated by leading players and it was not an easy task to gain a strong ground in such a competitive field. They wanted to increase their visibility in the market amongst the existing strong players. They intended to do this by focusing on driving traffic through organic and paid search. They realised that the use of generic keywords were not able to draw the desired traffic as they were already in use by the other old players. The only option they had was to employ unique keywords and strong relevant campaigns to gain visibility in the market amongst the other players and pull relevant traffic.

Approach / Strategy adopted by Photowall

Photowall realised that the high volume keywords like “murals” were already in use by the existing leading players and was not able to bring any significant traffic through organic or paid search. Hence, a different approach in search engine marketing was required to obtain the desired results. Photowall decided to use unique and emerging set of keywords to attract traffic. They tried to use keywords related to their USPs which can lead to generate relevant traffic and thereby, conversions. For example, their proposition to use keywords related to “photo wallpaper” was able to achieve significant growth in traffic and revenue. Here, one could customize or design a wallpaper using one’s own image. One could use one’s creative skills to design a unique

In addition to this, a creative content strategy was used to bolster increase in CPCs. Here, the focus was on key long tail terms to ensure complete coverage of relevant keywords and successful conversions. They also used a blog which would serve as a source of information to the interested customers on the latest style trends. A series of micro content audits were also conducted to ensure regular keyword updates and hence conversion optimization.

roiResults achieved by Photowall

This innovative approach adopted by Photowall was largely successful and helped them to achieve sky rocketing results. The selection of unique keywords pointing at Photowall’s USPs resulted in significant increase in relevant traffic and also their revenue. They ran campaigns which were able to get top rankings for the high volume keywords. It is needless to say that the quality of these campaigns played a major role in ensuring the success. On the whole, an ROI of 700% was seen through organic search with a year on year revenue growth by 420.18%.


It is observed that usage of generic keywords is not enough to bring in relevant traffic. The selection of keywords should be done with sufficient analysis and the same should be as unique as possible to the product or brand under consideration. It is also important to ensure the relevancy of the keywords in order to ensure that budget allotted to marketing the product is used judiciously and does not lead to any wastage. This is specifically applicable for paid advertisements, wherein each click is chargeable and will not lead to any conversions unless the clicks are a result of relevant traffic drawn to the website.

It is also important to track traffic drawn through any search with sufficient information about the product in the form of blogs, videos, audios, reviews, etc in order to ensure user engagement. Correct tagging in blogs will result in effective marketing of the product; thereby bringing the customer to the relevant page of the website.

In addition to the use of unique keywords, it is also important to conduct regular checks to ensure the relevance of the keywords with regards to the product and the same need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure success of the marketing campaigns.

It is also important to include keywords involving additional information related to the product or brand like location of availability, season, associated events, etc, in order to increase the chances of clicks basis these informational keywords.

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