Know How Pinterest Ads Work in 5 Simple Steps

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Pinterest is one of the best Social Media Channels for sharing and discovering business ideas. As a very powerful advertising platform, it assists in driving performance marketing via the concept of idea discovery. However, for advertising on Pinterest; you need to know how you can ensure exposure to certain pins by promoting those through Pinterest Ads.

People visit Pinterest to discover new products and services. They prefer saving those pins they find signaling their interests. Around 200 Million people are there on Pinterest and by using Pinterest Ads; you promote your Pins so that those pins can get connected with the people who are looking for the kind of products and services you offer.

Below given 5 steps will help you understand how you can use Pinterest Ads in your social media strategy, so let us go through those steps-

5 Steps to understand how Pinterest Ads Work

1. Know exactly what Pinterest Ads are

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Afs

Pinterest Ads help you promote your regular Pins, so more people can see those pins and for that, you need to pay a fix amount. Pinterest Ads advertise your Pins as promoted organic Pins. Pinterest Ads do not interrupt or distract Pinners but they aid people find the products and services that are befitting for their search.

  • Promoted Pins let you reach over 200 million people. Here you can share your brand’s helpful, useful and actionable ideas that can convert into big, measurable and profitable results
  • When any of your prospects save your Pinterest Ads, other people will also see the same pin in their news feeds that will ensure more visibility to your Pinterest Ads
  • Promoted Pins are helpful in ensuring additional sales and they guarantee better results especially among new buyers
  • With Pinterest Ads, you will also receive an average of 20% more (free!) clicks per month once you successfully launch a Promoted Pin campaign
  • If you have access to the Pinterest Ad Manager then you can enjoy the benefits of promoted pins, which are quite helpful in building your brand, increasing in-store sales, boosting traffic and driving conversion-driven online actions

2. Know Why businesses should use Pinterest Ads

As discussed earlier, Pinterest is one of the most powerful Social Media Platforms to ensure fruitful advertising; it is very essential for E-businesses to know how they can get benefits from Pinterest. Below given points will help you better understand why you should use promoted pins for your business-

  • Most of the saved Pins on Pinterest come from businesses and around 2 million people pin on per day basis on Pinterest
  • Around 50 percent of Pinners earn $100,000 per year while the avg. order value that comes from Pinterest Ads is more than 50$ which is comparatively higher than all the Social Media Platforms
  • People who use Pinterest have 40 percent greater awareness about the latest products and they have 50 percent more purchase intent than the people who do not use Pinterest

3. Know different types of Pinterest Ads Campaigns

By paying for exposure, you can let your regular pins become the Promoted Pins that ensure more powerful customer reach. Below given are three types of Pinterest Ads Campaigns-

1. Awareness Campaigns

  • These campaigns help you put your business in front of new users
  • Awareness campaigns let you showcase your business to the people who have not heard of your business before
  • New prospects will get to know what you do and for this, you need to pay for per 1,000 impressions

2. Engagement Campaigns

  • These campaigns are best fit to engage your Pinners to interact with your content within the Pinterest platform
  • It lets your pincers repin or click your Promoted Pins
  • In this, you pay for the every engagement action such as- a closeup, click or repin

3. Traffic Campaigns

  • These campaigns help you drive traffic from Pinterest to your company site
  • Traffic Pinterest Ads Campaigns send people from your Pinterest ads directly to your website
  • In this, you need to pay for each click

4. Steps to create promoted pins in Pinterest Ads

Creating Pinterest Ads revolve around 5 simple steps ranging from having a Pinterest business account, picking a Pin, deciding the audiences to paying for the Pinterest results and tracking what is working for you. Find below the explanation of these steps-

1. Get a business account and choose your goal

  • To get a business account for Pinterest Ads, you should convert your existing Pinterest Account into Pinterest Business Account
  • You can also create a new account as your Pinterest Business Account
  • Now you need to add some Pins. Here you can also add those pins that you want to promote
  • This will guide you towards your next step, i.e. creating a campaign. For this, you need to click on the + button from your profile and select “Create ad”
  • You may also go to as there you can directly choose the type of campaign (awareness, engagement, or traffic) you want to create
Pinterest Ads

Choose Pinterest Ads Campaign goals

  • Now, you only need to name your campaign, choose the start and end dates and set daily budget for your Pinterest Ad campaign

2. Pick your Promoted Pin

  • In Second step you need to finalize the Pin you want to promote
Pinterest Ads

Choose a Pin

  • In case you are not sure about the pin you should promote, you can use the filters on the “Pick a Pin” screen, as this will let you see your most clicked and most repinned Pins in last 30 days
  • This will help you know what Pins are already working for your business on Pinterest and then you can ensure better reach for those via Pinterest Ads

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3. Choose the audiences who can see your Promoted Pin

  • Next screen that you see in this step is “Add more details”, here you can choose who can see your Pins
  • However, you have to be clear here that where on your website your audiences on Pinterest who click on your promoted Pin will land
  • You should link your Pinterest Ads to a page, which is well targeted to Pinterest visitors. By suing UTM tracking parameters you can collect the tracking information about your Pinners
  • Now, you need to choose your Pinterest ads targeting strategy as per the given options of interests and keywords
  • Pinterest will let you know the keywords as per the trending searches that are relevant to your Pin
  • Pinterest also gives option to manually add keywords or import an existing keyword list as per your requirements
  • Pinterest also lets you choose a specific audience that updates you about the audiences who have already visited your app or site or the people who have somehow engaged with your Pins or the “actalike” audiences who are similar to your existing Pinners
  • In final step, you can set audiences for your Promoted Pin by using the Pinterest ads targeting options by choosing specific locations, devices, languages, and genders
Pinterest ads

Pinterest Ads Targeting Options

4. Pay for the Promoted Pin Results

  • In this step, you are required to enter your maximum bid which is actually the maximum amount you want to pay for each desired action on Pinterest
  • You can find the bid guidance in Pinterest Ads Interface. Second-price auction model is used by Pinterest for its ad bids
Pinterest Ads

Bidding for Pinterest Ads

  • Before clicking on ‘Next’ you should review all the information on the right side of your screen then you can send your Pinterest Ads for review.
  • Pinterest takes 24 hours to review your Promoted Pin for the compliance with the rules for Pinterest Ads

5. Track what Works

  • Pinterest also lets you track conversion and you can do this by using Pinterest tracking
  • Tracking helps you gauge the performance of page visits, purchases, sign-ups, and custom conversions such as closeups and repins
  • By clicking on “Conversion tracking” under the Ads menu on your profile you can set tracking up for your Pinterest Ads
  • In next step, you need to choose the types of conversion you want to track. Pinterest provides you a snippet code that you should add to your site on the page you want to track
Pinterest Ads

Track actions related to Pinterest Ads

5. Know Best Pinterest Ads Practices

Once you set up your Pinterest Ads, next thing you need to know is best Pinterest Ads practices. You need to highlight your best brand content and make sure your Ads do not disrupt the user experience. If your ads disengage your pinners then, that will for sure reduce your Pinterest Ads’ revenue. You should be aware about the Pinterest’s advertising standards, as this will guide you know the rules that can maximize your ads’ chances of success. Below given are the some notable Pinterest ads best practices-

1. You need to be authentic with your Promoted Pins practices

  • It is must for your Pinterest ads to reflect your true brand image and that is why you should never use misleading or exaggerated claims
  • You need to be honest and straightforward about what you are advertising, plus, you should be aware about the expectations of your Pinners

2. You should promote high-quality content in your Promoted Pins

  • You need to use Promoted Pins that are impressive, actionable and interesting
  • You need to follow quality standards of Pinterest, plus, your pins should never have improper grammar or excessive use of capitalization and symbols

3. You should use vertical images in your promoted Pins

  • Vertical pins are the images that are more portrait-oriented than landscape-oriented and they are more likely to draw Pinners’ attention
  • Vertical images also look better and more impressive in mobile views, as they appear much larger than horizontal images


Previously mentioned 5 steps to use Pinterest paid ads will help you understand how to use Promoted Pins to advertise your business on Pinterest in most powerful ways that can connect, convince and convert your pinners.

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What are the type/types of Pinterest Ads Campaigns you consider best fit for your business, do share with us!

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