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Pinterest As Social Media Marketing Platform For Businesses

Pinterest As Social Media Marketing Platform For Businesses

pinterest_logoPinterest has everyone buzzing but what exactly is it? Pinterest is a website that enables you to “pin” things like images, articles etc. online like you would pin them on a real bulletin board. It saves all of your pins on your account so that you can access them easily from anywhere. Moreover, you can follow friends on Pinterest and ‘repin’ things they have pinned on your own boards or see live feed of items that are being pinned by strangers when you need inspiration. If you don’t have a Pinterest account already, or if your account is personal, you need to create a ‘Pinterest for Business’ account on the website in order to leverage Pinterest’s marketing potency.

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After you make an account, use the following guidelines to market your business via Pinterest.

Optimize Your Page

Here are some key areas to focus on in order to optimize your page.


Make a profile by using either your company‘s name or your name. Upload a relevant profile image such as the logo of your company or an image with your company’s name so that it’s easy for people to identify your brand page. Match your username with your business name. Next, write a convincing bio in 160 characters, describing your business and make people aware about the types of images and content you will share on your Pinterest page. Add information about your website and Twitter account. It will be displayed right below your profile image. Mention your Facebook account only if it‘s a personal page because the option to add a Facebook business page is not available yet.


Ensure that your page has a minimum of 10 boards. Prioritize your boards by placing your most important or popular boards in the top row. They’re displayed above the fold and so, people will see them as soon as they land on your brand page. Enhance your boards by using good board names, descriptions and cover images. Pinterest is based on the Interest Graph and not the Social Graph which means that it aims to help you connect with people who share your passion and not necessarily the people you know already. Each board you create is a way to organize your pins by category so that those who are intrigued by the same topic can engage with your pins. You may or may not know those people but still you connect with them because you share pictures and products they value and appreciate. Pins, repins, comments and likes reflect that connection. To keep that engagement going, compare your boards’ stats vis-à-vis those of others to find topics that are most interesting to your target audience.

Rich Pins

There are five different types of rich pins: movie, recipe, article, product, and place, all loaded with more information than your average pin for enhanced sales power. All five pins have their own set of features that will increase engagement and traffic of your site. These include direct links to your site, real-time price and stock updates, and interactive map locations. ‘Article’ pins are also helpful as they can promote your blog posts. Article pins come with a relatively larger title with your brand’s logo, a description and a call-to-action at the bottom along with a link to your original site. When you apply for Rich Pins, you’ll get real-time information updated on all your pins and more ways to get people visit your website because it will be linked to your Rich Pins. No fuss, no hassle. Only leads.

In the Your Pinterest Profile section, find out how your pins are performing. Your pins are categorized depending on the clicks, impressions, repins and likes they’ve got. Depending on your objective, select the category you want to view. If you want to drive engagement, for instance, find pins that have been repinned and liked most. If you want to drive more traffic, focus on clicks. Maintain the optimal size of pins. All pins have the same width, with an unlimited length. A good size is 736×1102 pixels for a typical pin. It’s neither too big nor too small.

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Be Strategic With Your Pinning Schedule

Make sure that you pin to all of your boards. However, you may pin more often to the most popular ones and less often (but often enough) to your least popular ones. If you have boards for various categories, you can pin images for different days of the week. According to Pinterest, pins for certain categories are popular on specific days: health and fitness on Monday, technology on Tuesday, quotes on Wednesday, style and fashion on Thursday, memes and humor on Friday, travel on Saturday and craft and food on Sunday.

Post Frequently

To get more Pinterest followers, you should post between 10-30 new pins every day. Make sure you are not just repinning the content of others but also pinning your own pins with your own content. Don’t pin all 30 new pins within a small 5 minute span as some of them may go unnoticed. Plan your pinning throughout the day. You also have the option to create a ‘secret board’ and collect pins to save time. After saving pins on the secret board, return to the board and choose the pins you want to pin on your other ‘live boards’.

Engage with Followers, Reply to Comments

Akin to tweets, Instagram comments and Facebook posts, engage with your Pinterest followers directly by answering their questions and responding to their comments. While doing so, address them directly by using their names. Furthermore, comment on their pins so that you can reach out to their followers too! Follow and engage with popular boards that are pertinent to your business.  See what kinds of pins they pin, what kinds of boards they maintain, and how much do they engage. Your objective should be to beat that! If you are commenting on these popular pins, your brand name will be seen by a lot of people who follow those boards.

The Bottom Line

If you think social media marketing is all about Facebook and Twitter, you aren’t seeing the whole picture. Times have changed. Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet hitting only 1.4% on an average. Also, the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than that of a Facebook post. An increase of 27% in Pinterest business accounts of Fortune 500 companies in the last year, such as Exxon Mobile, Wal-Mart, and Apple, is an indication that your business should be joining this social media platform at the earliest; else you will miss out on a golden opportunity. The real strength of Pinterest is the integrated marketing features of their business accounts that will enable you to promote your business and increase your sales by leaps and bounds.

 Image Credits: Pinterest

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