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Pinterest rolls out Promoted Pins

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If you polish your memory, you would realize that a few months back, in the year 2012, Pinterest entered into the promoted content world. This popular photo-sharing portal is trying to monetize its pins once again from a select group of businesses.

Last week, the CEO and founder of Pinterest, Silbermann announced promoted pins in one of his posts. He assured that this time the customers will find these pins relevant, tasteful, transparent and improved based on the feedbacks that they received.

In fact, Pinterest also mentioned that Promoted Pins are in the test mode right now and the selected businesses are not even paying for the promotion. The team believes that once the program will be fully launched, companies will get an opportunity to improve their social media ROI.

Since we are aware of the fact that the pins will be smarter than the last time, so now you will notice that after clicking on the ‘pin it button’ you would be see a much closer look of the images than they appear on Pinterest. The best part is that you would also be able to edit the description before clicking on the ‘Pin it’ option.

With this recent update, some of the social networking sites have claimed to made changes in their apps. The Facebook app has been redesigned for iPhone. iPhone users can now see a new menu at the bottom that makes it easier to get around. In fact, Twitter has also introduced a new version of mobile App that looks great and also works great on iOS 7.

Let’s see how this new Pinterest update for Promoted Pins impacts the user and marketers. Any Views?

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