Pizza Hut Leveraged Mobile Marketing For Increasing Sales By 142%

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Pizza Hut is a well liked brand from America and offers a large variety of pizza and the side dishes. The official name of the company is Pizza Hut, Inc. and is actually a subsidiary firm of the biggest restaurant company named Yum! Brands, Inc. This restaurant chain from America operates from more than six thousand Pizza Hut outlets in the country itself and more than five thousand outlets in around 94 countries in the world in the year 2012. The company has earned a name for itself and is seen as one of the biggest brands for pizza all around the world. Such huge success is attributed to its sheer commitment to the quality of not just the products but also the customer service that it provides to its valued customers. The company continually strives for greater success through its focussed efforts towards the pizza lovers in the town. The marketing strategies are changed from time to time in order to ensure the business growth on a sustainable level.

Business Objectives of Pizza Hut

The business objective of the company was quite simple yet interesting. It wanted to send messages on the mobile phones of its customers in order to create some excitement with them on one hand and compare it with the traditional methods of advertising on TV or internet. Some opined that there could not be any comparison between these two methods of interacting with the customers as there was a lot of difference between them but the campaign was launched to observe the happenings and draw some interesting conclusions. It was serious in knowing about the difference between the two strategies and was even willing to patiently wait for 15 long months till the completion of the whole campaign.

Strategies Adopted by Pizza Hut

The strategies adopted by the brand are quite innovative and interesting to learn about. It used two very interesting ways not just to attract the customers but also bring them inside the outlet (though not forcefully!). A technique called ‘Goefence’ was employed which meant that the customers will be targeted according to their geographical locations. This actually includes a virtual signal network tracking and targeting the customers according to a set of fixed criteria. In this case it was the 340 Pizza Hut locations.

The brand dropped in a message to the customer(s) as and when they come near any of the 340 Pizza Hut locations. This happened for the customers whose contact information was available with the brand. Any of the persons whose contact numbers was there in the contact list when arrived near the outlet and was just a half mile away, the signal network alerted the system of the brand and a message dropped in at the cell phone of the person. The message communicates about the latest schemes and the delicious pizzas that one can enjoy after stepping in the nearest Pizza Hut outlet while on his way to home. This is a strategic way to convey that the best option available with a person is to savour the pizza and the side dishes available at reasonable costs and at a close by destination which anyone would not at all mind to give a chance to. The technology is at its best when utilised with creativity and innovation.


The strategy was implemented properly and the results were obtained beyond expectations. The results obtained were quite amazing and satisfactory for the company. The brand gained an increase of 142% in sales with the help of this strong mobile marketing strategy. The mobile marketing has brought in greater revenue for the business which was more than the other marketing strategies that were launched either on TV or internet. This statistics related to this particular strategy was adjusted and then compared with the other two mentioned above. The statistics were adjusted and it was found that mobile marketing was 4.4 times better than the TV spots. It was 2.6 times better than the internet advertisements. This result proved that mobile marketing is much more efficient than the other two marketing styles discussed.


This mobile marketing case study is unique in itself as it highlights the way in which it can be put to use without being aggressive but only relevant. The customers were send messages on their mobile devices not when they were at their homes but when they were in the vicinity of the Pizza Hut outlets. This was a unique combination of technology and imagination that paved the way for higher returns in few months itself. The mobile marketers formulating the strategy for the brand like Pizza Hut were certainly creative enough to visualise a scenario and adjust the strategy according to it. The uniqueness of the campaign lies in the fact that the customers were engaged when there was a much higher chance of they stepping inside the outlet and buy some stuff instantly. Since this is an age of information and frequent travelling, the best marketing style that can be adopted by the businesses is mobile marketing as it costs less than some of it counterparts and seems to be highly relevant as against others which require more time to interact with the potential customers.

Many people would think that is it right for their business? But the answer is yes it is suitable for almost any business and the only thing that varies or needs alteration is the needs from a campaign according to a business. A sms is always taken more seriously by the receiver as compared to a general flier advertisement or an email. The personal touch in a message is far reaching in terms of customer engagement and when it is done with creativity, the results are as amazing as obtained by Pizza Hut. A message that is sent in time works wonder for the overall returns of a business. Technology clubbed with creative streak is the secret behind the grand success that can be achieved with mobile marketing. So, trust this marketing style and use to your advantage as soon as possible!

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